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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63%
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Anne Hathaway as Gloria
Dan Stevens as Tim
Jason Sudeikis as Oscar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hugovontrapp 1 / 10

Colossal waste of movie goers time.

Outside of the misleading poster and synopsis of this movie, it is nothing but miserable, poorly scripted, acted and produced. It's a story of a couple of alcoholics, period. Anna Hathaway is far from a decent actor, and this film fits her caliber of acting, shoddy at best. If you're looking for a depressing and emotionless movie, and you're into a crappy plot with meaningless side story of monsters destroying South Korea while the main actors ponder their pathetic lives through insults, sarcasm, violence then this is for you. Truly colossal heap of....

Reviewed by a00030864 5 / 10

Annoying characters, dumb ending

Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis, whom I think are wonderful comedic actors, just made me near sick watching this movie. Anne's character was a woman of few morals and a user whilst Jason's character went from being nice and rehabilitating Anne's character to a controlling person bent on having his way. All the while, they are personified by robots in a US playground that manifests as monsters destroying Seoul. And all this because as school children Jason's character stomped on Anne's character's school project. Nothing original about a stupid plot that makes some wonderful actors annoying beyond words.

Reviewed by TheGus K 3 / 10

Hard to finish

I'm rather confused by all the high praise for this rather boring movie. My main problem was how unlikable all the characters were. Watching idiots moving through a weird for weird's sake plot hardly qualifies as good entertainment. The initial setup was rather vague and poorly written, not the way to establish the main character. All in all there is no way that I could recommend this to any of my friends.

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