Colt 45


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 100%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 1509


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Richard Sammel as Major
Amr Waked as Baron
Simon Abkarian as Commandant Luc Denard
Alice Taglioni as Capitaine Isabelle Le Franc

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Reviewed by abisio 10 / 10

Unexpected !!!! will keep you breathless

Vincent Milès is a young but highly skilled shooting instructor for the French police. No family or friends (his father was killed by criminals and he was raised by his best friend; a very tough and obsessive cop). Miles is an outstanding shooter but he never wanted to be in the streets; but unexpected circumstances forces him to the real world of criminals and corruption. Forget everything you imagine. The movie is quite unpredictable and nothing is like it seem. Things gets extremely ugly and violent. This is not the typical political correct movie about police. Cops here are corrupt in different levels and far from friends. Events are barely explained and occur so fast you cannot blink or stop paying attention. Many will die in really unexpected ways. In brief; the lesser to know about the movie is the better but it will keep you hook up for brief 85 minutes but stay in your mind for long time.

Reviewed by msroz 6 / 10

Joey Starr makes a killer out of Ymanol Perset

"Colt 45" (2014), an okay crime-police story, not more and not less, opens with Ymanol Perset being the winner of a shooting school among cops. But his job is not as a line cop. He's an arms specialist.

The French cop force depicted here is sharply divided into sections that can be extremely antagonistic to one another, as shown by a fierce hatred between Gérard Lanvin's group and that of Simon Abkarian. Another very secret group is an anti-terrorist outfit with carte blanche, which means it can cross over into lawlessness, and it does.

Perset's character is 22 years old and naive. He talks too much. He can't size people up. He's impulsive, but he is not a killer and has no intent to be one. Joey Starr gains his confidence and learns about body-armor busting bullets that Perset has invented. Starr looks for ways to trap Perset into his outfit, which is kept unclear for awhile. Is he a bad guy or a good guy, or both? Starr finds a way both to unloose Perset's killing instinct and to get him in his grasp. Perset goes along with a form of blackmail, and the consequences get worse and worse for him personally and for some cops around him who die. Finally, he goes on the offensive, resulting in lots of bodies. He has gone from one extreme to the other.

The movie plays like it's designed for sequels in which Perset's character joins the super-secret anti-terrorist elite squad. We shall see. Its action runs 76 minutes before the credits roll.

This action-crime neo-noir is swift, sharp and violent, depicting men (mainly) in police work who are habituated to their work, hooked on it, even though it tends to destroy their humanity and meld them with the criminals they are after.

Reviewed by roland-wirtz 8 / 10

Pleasant surprise

Wasn't expecting much but it was a pleasant surprise! It's very violent, very bleak. The story is easy to follow but some plot points had me scratching my head. A reviewer said the film was butchered by suits and it kinda figure why some plot points didn't make any sense. But the film is still good though. The shootouts were good, very intense. The actors did a good job and they use their guns like pros. Going through the cast and crew list, I wasn't surprised the guy who worked on Heat and Collateral was involved in that film. If the film was cut by the studio, I wonder what the director's cut would be like. Bottom line: it was good to see an old school action film that isn't a blockbuster, superhero flick or a reboot, remake or whatever Hollywood is doing these days. The french know how to do it!

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