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Emmy Rossum as Kimberly
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Eric Winter as Josh
Lou Beatty Jr. as Conductor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jimster1 10 / 10

Modern Romance Unbounded

Hollywood movies rarely move me as the formula used is predictable, with most endings being predictable shortly into the film. If you are looking for the Americana white picket fence house in the suburbs, two kids and a dog relationship this is not for you. Comet is a statement on love between two people looking for love who have the unsocial ability to speak their mind, the truth. Truth hurts, and without the "skills" to cushion their raw feelings they do hurt each other. Its a beautiful refreshing approach to viewing a relationship, magically crafted by the filmmakers by interweaving the 6 year timeline of their relationship leading up to the final scenes. A film to show this narrative needed two actors who could bring the characters to life and make you believe, outstandingly accomplished by Justin Long and Emmy Rossum. Please realize most of this entire film is carried by these two actors, the supporting cast is small but excellent, the cinematography is captivatingly beautiful, and the musical score integrated perfectly, adding up to a great movie experience. I gave this film a 10, which I never do, to counterbalance the rating of people who obviously did not take the time to take this journey. Don't missed out on relating a few stokes of your life's colour brush to this painting..

Reviewed by 3xHCCH 7 / 10

Cosmic Convergence

This film is about the relationship of Dell and Kimberly, a young couple from Los Angeles. "Comet" follows their six year love affair in good times and in bad, with random scenes of private conversations set in various locales. The main pride of this project is its insightful and witty script brought to life by two sensitive actors.

The script is written by director Sam Esmail. It is amazing as a debut script for a debut film. His ambition seemed modest, but the final product can be enchanting. The script was full of memorable quotable quotes and eloquently-worded sentiments throughout its 90 minute running time, like the following:

"He called himself a Bob Dylan song and proceeded to call me a Britney Spears song. I don't know what it means, but it sounds insulting." "You're a now person. I'm a 5-minutes from now person." "You said you believe in love. I don't. So let's put it to a test. Date each other, me and you, In a relationship. Let's do it." "I don't belong in a world where we don't end up together." "I never thought love was real, now I think life isn't real without it."

Justin Long and Emmy Rossum have excellent chemistry together. That is one big reason this film worked, despite feeling pretentious at first. Those long conversations may seem like senseless 'flights of ideas" on paper, but these two actors make these lines believable and real. Glib Long plays Dell consistently throughout, the hip, pothead narcissist that his character was, around whose point of view the story is told. Beautiful Rossum plays his dream girl Kimberly going through a whole range of emotions like she was being two different women as she falls in and out of love with Dell.

Of course, we have already seen many movies like this. The "Before" series by Richard Linklater immediately come to mind. But instead of a continuous straightforward narrative, "Comet" breaks up the scenes into seemingly random order. This gives the film a more cosmic air that it aspires for. The gauzy, filtered photography and innovative camera angles also contribute to the dreamy effect. That final scene, a minute of silence as two suns rise over the horizon, packed such an emotional wallop.

This film is not literal. It leaves the audience to decide what the film means to them as individuals. You decide which was reality and which were dreams among the various events that flash before you on screen. Dell was telling himself (and us) from the very beginning, "This is not a dream". But is it, or isn't it? Now I think I want to watch it again. 7/10.

Reviewed by Red_Identity 5 / 10

Good enough

The aesthetic here is really incredible. Of course, it goes a bit overboard, but it works as well as it needs to. The acting is also really effective, but the dialogue just gets too pretentious at times. The beginning, especially, got sort of insufferable. But at one point within the first 20 minutes, I sort of got into the film and its characters. It was entertaining enough, even if the film didn't really do anything all that original. Very well done and composed as a whole, and Long was convincing, but the film really could've been something great and instead it's only halfway decent. But maybe that's enough for some people, I guess it just depends on each individual person.

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