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Dreama Walker as Becky
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James McCaffrey as Detective Neals
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adamkarz 6 / 10

A testament to the failure of education in America

This movie is simply unbearable to watch. Yes, it is well made and has great acting. But whats infuriating is that it highlights how truly stupid and uneducated most Americans are. Yes, I understand given the notion of authority, people will listen to what they are told, but these people act like they have never heard of due process of law, innocent until proved guilty, asking for an attorney to be present or even asking for a policeman's badge number when he demands strange things. Only at a fast food restaurant, staffed by the most uneducated idiots could something like this occur. Or rather, I would like to think so. It seems as if the caller banks of what the people may have seen in TV shows to get them to follow his orders, but likewise, wouldn't TV at least remind people that officers don't strip search and spank people over like 40 missing dollars? The moral of the story is to stay in school and know your rights. Or you might wind up like these morons someday.

Reviewed by david-546 8 / 10

An important film

Compliance is a difficult film to watch. But it is also riveting, fascinating and important. And it is also a film that probably should be shown in every high school classroom in the US and Canada. It is essential viewing.

Why should a film that is so uncomfortable to watch that some people walked out on it but also should be essential viewing?

Because people have to understand that it is sometimes necessary to question authority. The film touches a nerve. It touches a nerve with the moral dilemma that each of the characters are presented with from not only Becky who is the prime target of the prank but also for Sandra, Van, Phillip, and each of the rest of the employees of Chick-Which (which we understand was a stand in for MacDonalds). It touches a nerve on how each one of them reacts to the situation and how some think there is something wrong but do nothing or how just because it is supposed to be a person of authority on the other end of the phone that one has to do what you are told.

My son who is 19 was with us with when we saw the film. He immediately after the film told us that a class he took at his arts school in high school were presented with the situations depicted in Compliance. They discussed it in class. This was before the release of the film.

It is exactly this reason as to why this film should be shown in high school and discussed. Grant you there will be many who reject this premise because it presents a very uncomfortable situation and the film shows nudity and clearly implies sexual abuse. But what the film really shows is the importance of questioning authority when it doesn't make any sense. Taking this to its extreme is where one is handed a gun by a person of authority and told to kill in their presence another person and if they don't they too are killed but if you do carry out their instructions you live. That has happened (think the Nazi's) and will sadly probably happen again.

But the key here is to get across to everyone that authority must be questioned. And in this case the ability to question the supposed authority who can't be seen and is merely someone saying they are the police that they absolutely have to be questioned.

Finally someone did question the authority and then and only then did the entire prank unravel very quickly. Sadly not even the main victim questioned the authority although she tried and denied the allegations but at no point did she say I am sorry you can't do this to me and I want a lawyer now. And that I am entitled to a lawyer. People have to know their rights. And in the case of Compliance they didn't which made their pleas that they were innocent victims too seem all the more frightening.

Watch this film. It is uncomfortable. Don't walk out because if you do then you shouldn't have gone in to see it in the first place. You too have that choice. But if you do walk out you missed the point of the film.

Reviewed by zlid 6 / 10

The fact that this is a true story is just insane

After watching this movie i just couldn't believe it was based on a true story. It boggled my mind that a group of people could be this stupid. In BIG disbelief i searched the net to see if this was really true or just loosely based on a true story. I found proof that it was totally true. Every aspect of the story was true. ABC even did a story about these events with interviews with the manager and the young girl. Also showing actual footage of the events.

The movie is not bad. The characters to a good job. But you will spend more time with your mouth open in disbelief of whats happening then actually enjoying the movie. It really is disturbing.

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