Conquest of the Planet of the Apes


Action / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 44%
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Ricardo Montalban as Armando
Roddy McDowall as Caesar
John Randolph as Commission Chairman
Gordon Jump as Auctioneer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ArthurHeath ([email protected]) 10 / 10

One of the few perfect tens I've ever given.

On a scale of one to ten, this is one of the few perfect tens I've ever given.

Roddy McDowell returns to the Planet of the Apes franchise as Caesar, known in the previous film, albeit briefly, as Milo, newborn son of Zira and Cornelius.

This is the apocalyptic tale of the slavery that eventually leads to man's final end.

The cruelty in this film is so harsh, so harshly real. This film was returned again and again from the censors. They refused to release it without cuts. The cuts were made and yet still this film feels to me to be one of the most harshly realistic films I've ever seen. I pride myself on my inability to be shocked. Yet this film struck right through all the layers of protection my life has wrapped me in.

The riot scenes were so stunningly authentic. One needs not change much to find oneself staring at our own violent past. Let us hope that it will not be, as some have feared, our future as well.

It inspired me.

In a very Shakespearean way.

The reconditioning camps... the men dressed like soldiers of the Reich... the cruelty... the electrocutions... the conspiracies of men in power...

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes was made with a very limited budget. Caesar's prosthetics works were the only high grade appliances in the film. But it works very much with what it had. And it has a finely crafted story. Several steps removed from the rampant idealism of Escape from the Planet of the Apes, Conquest deals with the rage that was bound to result from those events. This is a most important metaphor. A most important film.

If all films were made with such unrestrained passion, with such verve, we would all be better off.

Also it was interesting to me to watch this film because I as able to see inspiration and how it works between peers. Recently I had the oppurtunity to read George Romero's first draft to Day of the Dead -DRASTICLY different from the project that culminated. There were many scenes of the undead legions separated into units, red overalls and green overalls, learning different skills. Being taught. Very similar in every respect to the ape conditioning sequences in this film.

In the end, Romero's film works better WITHOUT those sequences, but still it is quite interesting to be able to see from whence some ideas spring.

Digression aside, this is a very potent film. One that teaches us, if allowed, much about our humanity.

Excellent reprisal performance by Ricardo Montalban. Performance by Roddy McDowell of such a high calibre that it makes up for his relative absence in the previous feature.

Wonderfully adept script by Paul Dehn. Visionary direction by J. Lee Thompson, known for his excellence in his field. Thompson has also been responsible for such highly regarded films as the original Cape Fear and The Guns of the Navarone.

I wish there were more films like this, more films that just go balls to the wall and are so unabashedly free. This movie is not afraid to be what it is. It makes no apologies for the violence it's heroes are forced to resort to. Nor should it. Sometimes bad things happen. And sometimes good men must take to arms to stop the bad men from taking over.

I fear, knowing the result. Knowing the new regime is no better than it's predecessor. The true fear of any freedom fighter.

This will be a film that I watch over and over and over again.

Reviewed by Glen-5 4 / 10


This movie was okay but severely marred by unbelievable human behavior and concepts. Rating 4/10

As a science fiction fan, I can easily suspend disbelief about various scientific concepts (ie: intelligently evolved apes travel back in time and conceive a child(chimp), force-field doors, etc...) However, when various common sense concepts and human behavior are flawed it usually ruins the movie for me. Just a 'few' examples from this film:


* Concept: How did apes change so drastically in such a short period of time, to become bigger and more intelligent in a mere 20 years? This is not even alluded to in any way. Had they made reference to or alluded to Bio-engineering, or the virus having killed all cats and dogs causing this, perhaps I would have found it acceptable, however they did not explain this even in the slightest. Mere selective breeding would not permit such rapid change in 20 years. Since we already have some understanding of evolution, such rapid development should have been explained (if only in a single sentence). Note: since we have no understanding of backward time-travel, it does not need to be explained.

* Human Behavior: Why, knowing what Corneilus and Zira told them about the future, would mankind and human government permit the keeping of apes as pets and eventual slaves, while increasing their intelligence and capabilities? I could see if this happened a hundred or more years down the road, but 20 years after the intelligent apes arrive from the future and tell how apes rule the planet and subjagate humans, mankind is purposely making apes more intelligent and capable. It's absurd.

* Concept/Behavior: With such an oppressive and militaristic 1984'esque government, how are they so easily overrun by apes, which seem to have their every move watched except for their collection of an arsenal of weapons. In a similar vein, how is it that such a society has a system in which apes take simple notes of paper to businesses to retrieve things for their owners (including a firearm and amunition?)

A science fiction film does not need to explain every single concept, but for those things which are not explained they need to make some degree of sense to our understanding of the way things work and human beings behave.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Dramatic and intense followup in which simians undergo a rebellion at a climatic final

4th movie in the series initiated by ¨Planet of Apes¨ that at time of its release regarded as the most extraordinary Scifi in years, in which he simians turn the tables when they carry out a riot in this acceptable but lackluster sequel in which humans battle the apes led by Caesar . Again the Apes along with a modern civilization of human beings living in future , a distant year 1990 and occurs twenty years after the deaths of Cornelius and Zira, the chimpanzees couple who fled the future destruction of Earth by traveling a spacecraft . Passable and stirring science-fiction movie with a first rate Roddy McDowall who plays here the son of the character he first created and special intervention of Ricardo Montalban as kindly circus owner who's hidden him from the humans for long time . This known story is the fourth of the primates sequels, saga that had begun little years before ; it starts on a culture where humans rule over simians and they are divided in three lineage : gorilla , chimpanzee and orangutan . A plague has murdered cats and dogs and people adopted apes as pets , began using them as workers, waiters and hard employments . Militaristic governor (Don Murray) wishes apes to be treated as animal of burden and regarded as scum , slaves and torturing them into submission. The chimpanzee leader named Caesar( Roddy McDowall) meets Lisa (Natalie Trundy replacing the usual Kim Hunter) and falls in love with her . Caesar itching a coup de état but at the ending he thinks otherwise and even agree a peaceful existence with humans . Caesar is son of Cornelius and Zira from ¨Escape from the planet of apes¨ and turns into leader in this ¨Conquest of the Planet of the apes¨ , attempting to ease disputes between apes and men . Meantime , mean gorillas murder violently every human in sight . At the ending happens a spectacular , fierce confrontation between a human army ruled by governor and the simians commanded by Caesar .

This is an average , lackluster sci-fi flick plenty of metaphysical significance with thoughtful reflexion about origin of human being , racism , political pursuit, apartheid, though also packs action, intrigue and entertainment . Although several elements of the screenplay strain credibility to the limit the story turns out to be pretty interesting and amusing . It happens a parallelism between US racial tension ( Kent State slaughter, revolts in York ,Pennsylvania, 1969, and Camden, New Jersey , 1971) and the events described on the flick . Roddy McDowall's distinctive features prove to be recognisable even under John Chambers' wonderful ape make-up . The performers , particularly Roddy McDowall who provides the sturdy central pivot the tale surely needs , Natalie Trundy and Don Murray are pretty good , the characters are well drawn and in spite of makeup they are still oddly convincing . In spite of time and being mostly a regular follow-up of the former stories , some moments of energy remain and results to be a B movie full of action, battles and suspense . Writing credits by habitual Paul Dehn based on the characters from Pierre Boulle novel , however his screenplay is not just clever and was cut , eliminating some violent revolt scenes and obligated to pacific ending . Nice production design with interior sets taken from ¨Voyage to the bottom of the sea¨ and ¨Time tunnel ¨ produced by Irwin Allen and with great visual effects . One of the important attributes of this work, is the magnificent and luminous cinematography by Bruce Surtees who previously did such a good job for Clint Eastwood . Phenomenal creative make-up design by John Chambers, a first-rate expert . Fine musical score though imitating sounds from the great Jerry Goldsmith .The picture is lack budgeted by usual Arthur P. Jacobs , producer of whole saga, along with 2oth Century Fox . It's full of fury and sound , being professionally directed by J. Lee Thompson during four weeks in Los Angeles , at University and a lavish commercial development , using sometimes a nice visual sense. It's followed by ¨Battle for the planet of Apes¨ and a short-lived TV series, in with Roddy McDowall is again on hand as simian to sustain our interest and feeling .

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