Cops and Robbers


Action / Comedy / Crime

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Martin Kove as Ambulance Attendant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by st-shot 7 / 10

A GREAT hidden gem about the way NYC used to be!

New York City cops Tom and Joe are in the mist of burn out. Why me syndrome eats at them in every way including getting in the wrong lane on the highway. They decide on a bold move to remove themselves from the relentless rat race by stealing and selling security bonds to the mob while remaining untraceable themselves.

Cops and Robbers is a very decent suspense comedy overachiever. Lack of star power works in its favor with Cliff Gorman and Joseph Bologna as the two rogue cops as non-descript everydays they ooze New York and are not required to perform acts of cool bravado to protect their careers. They are not master thieves, instead learning as they go along and it's this thin ice approach that gives the film it's well paced balance of humor and suspense.

Made during the Serpico era when the NYPD was swimming in corruption it's hard not to root for these dirty cops being squeezed on both sides. It may be a low rent sting but it does have the benefit of bluffing the audience deeper into the final moments than predictable outcomes reserved for superstars like Newman and Redford.

Reviewed by ndrejaj1969 9 / 10

A Real Find

A gem of a caper movie, based on Donald (HOT ROCK)Westlake's novel. I discovered this film in the bargain bin of some video outlet near Ft. Bragg, NC. I was a little homesick at the time, not having had leave for nearly a year, and I thought I could alleviate some of the pain by kicking back with a few beers and watching a NY-set Seventies flick. Boy, what a find. This is a real sleeper, with easy-going charm provided by the two leads (Gorman and Bologna), suspense, droll wit, and a fine performance by J.P. Ryan as the treacherous mob fence. The film perfectly captures the mood of NYC in the early Seventies, seen through the eyes of its ethnic, blue-collar inhabitants. Catchy title tune by Michel Legrand, gorgeous location photography by David L. Quaid, cameos by Joe Spinell, Frankie Gio, and Frank Adonis. A completely satisfying conclusion. This film will leave you with a smile on your face for hours after each viewing.

Reviewed by udar55 8 / 10

Great 70s cop flick that captures the era

Disillusioned NYC cops Joe (Joseph Bologna) and Tommy (Cliff Gorman) decide their meager weekly salary isn't worth getting killed over and plan a big score. Tommy contacts Mafia kingpin Pasquale "Patsy" Aniello (John P. Ryan) after observing him being booked. In disguise, Tommy finds out that Patsy would pay handsomely for $10 million in bonds. So together the two cops plan to rob a local Wall Street firm during a big parade for the Apollo 11 astronauts.

One review here leads off with the line, "A Real Find" and I couldn't agree more. This 70s cop thriller captures both the working man's embitterment with the system and the sleazy side of NYC. Both of the leads are good in their roles and they get fine support from Ryan (has he always been middle aged?), whose lead henchman is played by Joe Spinell. Director Aram Avakian didn't make many films (5 total), but he has a great eye for realism and even a bit of the absurd like the mob using guys on ten speeds during the final chase in Central Park. Filmed entirely in New York City, this really captures the feel of the 70s station house with the green, cracking walls.

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