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Gabrielle Miller as Lacey Burrows
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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10

great for fans of the show

The mayor of Dog River Fitzy has lost the town's money in property investments in Detroit. Now the town is going bankrupt. Lacey Burrows (Gabrielle Miller) has an idea to enter the town into a newspaper contest for the quaintest town. Hank Yarbo (Fred Ewanuick)'s ideas are as terrible as ever. Davis Quinton (Lorne Cardinal) is let go as a cop and he decides to be a private investigator. Fellow cop Karen Peel (Tara Spencer-Nairn) is pregnant and starts writing lots of tickets. Wanda Dollard (Nancy Robertson) discovers Davis' man-cave and starts a bar there without Davis' knowledge. Emma Leroy (Janet Wright) is itching for Brent (Brent Butt) to have kids. Oscar (Eric Peterson) sells his car for a horse.

The TV show was always a bit about nothing. So the town going bankrupt is a big something. However, it's handled with the show's usual lightness. All the main characters are back and that's a great thing. Nobody is missing. It is just as charming as the show. It's not so complicated that even people who are not familiar with the TV show will easily get into this.

Reviewed by ruzya 9 / 10

Loved It!!!!

I loved all of it! It was great to see Oscar and all of the nonsense that his character was known for. He was my favourite character. Of course Hank and Brent were their usual silly selves. It's too bad that Nancy Robertson got a face lift as she did not look like her self and I thought that she looked great the way that she was before she had it done. I thought that the scene between Davis & Hank in Wullerton was very funny. Although he did have a one minute cameo in the film, I found myself missing Phil the bartender. Otherwise I found it extremely enjoyable and would definitely recommend it to anyone. I hope that they make another movie as I do not think that I will ever get tired of Corner Gas, ever.

Reviewed by yakcalvin 10 / 10


I had not thought of Corner Gas for years. I just stumbled upon it on Primewire and couldn't believe my luck!

I watched the series and fell in love with the character then, and even though I hadn't thought of the show in a very long time, I found myself instantly recalling the names of the characters as they showed up in the movie.

If you've loved the series then this will be a treat for you as it was for me.

I found the town on Google Maps and the grain silo is even still painted 'Dog River'.,-104.9050114,998m/data=!3m1! 1e3

If you loved the show, you'll love the movie!

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