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Alex Kendrick as Adam Mitchell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by billfong36 10 / 10

If this doesn't make you cry, nothing will

'Courageous' is in the top 10 of my favorite faith-based movies. It really is a tremendous uplifting film that leaves you in tears from the very beginning to the very end. And it's all attributed to God. Kudos to Alex Kendrick for being in the film and giving a terrific performance! I give Courageous a 10 out of 10 My top 10 faith-based movies of all time are: 1) Ben-Hur; 2) Suing the Devil; 3) Soul Surfer; 4) Facing the Giants; 5) Chariots of Fire; 6) End of the Spear; 7) The Climb; 8) Gospel of John; 9) Time Changer; 10) Courageous You're missing out if you haven't seen these films!

God is working through these films.

Reviewed by dmgruber1 9 / 10

Courageous is a must see for men

I went to a preview expecting a good movie with a great message. Courageous turned out to be a great movie with a great message. My emotions ran from exhilaration to tears as the movie went from police action sequences (that were very well done) to scenes that brought out tears.....and I'm not usually a crier. Lots of great acting. Bad buys were very bad, good guys were flawed. I would definitely recommend this. The audience I was with loved it. Both men and women. Not a chick flick but any lady that does not want her man to be "Courageous" need not see this. This movie is about being a man, a godly man, father, and husband. It was worth the money which is hard to say about a lot of what comes out these days.

Reviewed by Dan Seidman 10 / 10

Reality Movie vs. Reality TV

Reality TV is not really real. I mean, I have no friends who've been stranded on an island or locked in a house (nor, as far as I know, has that happened to people who don't like me). In contrast, the movie, Courageous, truly reveals the reality of life. This highly entertaining film is about the struggles of fatherhood. Which of us guys hasn't struggled with the boundaries between work and home?

The story centers on a group of law enforcement officers and is filled with action, outstanding humor and at times, some tough emotional moments. At the show I attended, everyone cried. They cried at some tragic moments and at some moments of great relief. At my side was a good buddy who is a successful business pro and strong family man. He & I both walked away with some deeper awareness of how we could be better fathers to our kids and to our brides.

So there are also some distinct learning moments that makes this film much more than just an escape from reality. How often do you have an opportunity to take someone to a movie that has trailing impact on your life? I'll suggest you get some Dads together to watch Courageous and sit down for a meal afterward to talk about what it showed you were doing well, or right - and what you could be working on to better build into your family and their future. Powerfully-told story with an outstanding cast.

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