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Giancarlo Esposito as Lt. Thomas Peniston / Werewolf
Kim Cattrall as Dr. Amanda Mayson
Cress Williams as Tall Man
Craig T. Nelson as Dr. Simon Chase
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bjorn (ODDBear) 7 / 10

Solid creature-feature flick

As a TV mini-series, Creature ranks pretty much as first rate.

Although hardly original story wise, it's still an interesting creature feature flick that doesn't have too many lulls despite it's three hour running time. There are moments you could easily see get the axe should this be pruned down to feature length but overall the film runs along smoothly and at an adequate pace.

It's quite atmospheric at times and suspenseful and special effects are top notch. There's not any gore here and a seasoned horror fan can easily see where some red grue and more could have been spliced in. But no matter, it works despite that. The cast is also quite good with Craig T. Nelson in top form and Kim Cattrall looking lovely as ever.

Verdict: 7 out of 10. A very good time filler on a slow night.

Reviewed by 7 / 10

This movie fails so hard that it approaches win from the other side.

Grab some popcorn and skittles 'cause this movie is epic! Creature is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and as such I consider it one of the best. Nothing speaks to a true B-rated sci-fi fanatic like government cover-ups, outlandish monsters, strained family ties, and the manipulation the human genome. And, Ladies and Gentlemen let me tell you: this movie does not just speak, it sings. I would recommend this film to anyone who consider themselves a connoisseur of the B-rated genre. Yes, Creature is about 3 hours long (with commercials) but the ending is pure poetry and very worth the wait. Creature is a classic cross-section of the epic sci-fi; as such I recommend that it be viewed at 2:00am - no earlier.

Reviewed by jcdslayer 8 / 10


Of all the comments I've seen so far, not one person has mentioned the availability of this movie! Has it been released to DVD or is the production company holding it ransom. I'm a big fan of JAWS and thought the design and creation of the "creature" itself was outstanding. Human casts aside, that shark did it's job. Now years later, no one can find it on DVD. IF it is out there, could someone e-mail me ([email protected]) and let me know!? I am seriously interested in watching this movie again but have no way of finding it. So, please, if anyone knows anything about it being on DVD, please let me know. Thank you.

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