Cross Bearer


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by olafiscoming 1 / 10

Crucify Me. Please.

One of those movies so terrible it takes on a certain kind of profundity, like really bad English when spoken with sincerity. Once you are able to cast aside acting, plot and style as irrelevant, you may find yourself beginning to narrow your vision, wondering if something truly deep and poetic is hiding under the swill. The fact the film looks like the premier video from your little brother's death metal garage-band, and reads with all the nuance and tact of a gonzo porn video now shooting just down the street from you, may be hard to gel with hidden epiphany, but then again maybe I was so poleaxed by how bad it was, a truly powerful message of religious glory was lost.

Reviewed by C.H Newell 2 / 10

Another reason for people to hate horror

I enjoyed some of Cross Bearer because I'm a fan of practical make-up effects, but other than that? I waited a long time to see a real dud of a film.

There are times I'm fooled by a movie with some cool looking art-I admit it. I saw Cross Bearer's cover art, and I said "I have to see this". So I waited, waited, waited, and finally I was able to see it. What a disappointment. Not only is the acting cold and wooden, the writing is just bad. This is a typical horror film, and if you've seen enough horror you know this is just a rehash of so many other better films which were executed at a higher level than this. Even as far as slashers go, this is just weak. Like I said, there are some effects worth seeing, even a little decent cinematography at times, the look and feel of it, but you can't go for all style over substance, you just can't!

This is not old school horror, this is also nothing new- I don't recommend seeing this. At least not if you have something more promising to watch. If you want to see another run-of- the-mill slasher, the same thing you've seen time and time again, then go ahead. I give it a 2 out of 10, only because some of the effects were enjoyable, and I also liked how they didn't go for something too ridiculous for a mask; it was a simple look, and I kind of dug it. Other than that? Skip it.

Reviewed by Flow 4 / 10

Maaan it was bad!

I dunno why exactly, but I gave this one a 4! Usually I don't do this with such bad movies, but it had some good parts in it. Now, even before beginning to explain myself, I'm gonna say one thing: I do NOT recommend Cross Bearer! To no one!

So, the acting was not as bad as I expected, usually you get much worse than this. The gore was kinda OK I guess for such a low budget horror, nudity fully present, some natural acts, good decisions, interesting "mask" design and a plot that ties itself in the middle of the movie. The camera work is actually better than most such productions, so all in all, there are some good things here, but if you see it, you'll understand why this should be avoided. It still is a bad production, weak plot, horrible main actor, well the killer that is, annoying at its best.

Therefore, Cross Bearer will remain a No-No, hope you people will trust the reviews and stay away from this one. If not, you're only going to waste time.


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