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Reid Ewing as Jeffrey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pretty-Wycked-Designs 9 / 10

Refreshing thriller that will appeal to adults & mature teens.

I normally do not watch movies with this type of plot-line because I find the same old tired tropes used again and again. However, the director here made, in my opinion, a refreshing, touching, and realistic movie that gave fresh depth and character to the story.

I was left guessing who the protagonist and antagonist were until the very end, and the ending was well acted, with realistic characters who acted the way I thought someone in their positions would, not the way an audience would be screaming at them not to.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone looking for a suspense/thriller/romance/horror.

Reviewed by bolaman 7 / 10

Better than expected

*Some very minor spoilers about the general direction of the plot, nothing directly from the movie*

This is not just a cheesy teen obsession film. It looked that way to me when I saw the thriller, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only does it bend some of the obsessive stalker plot arc's we know of, but it also has a real human and emotional element to it that made me connect to the characters since they didn't just end up as 2D stock people. There are subtle side-plots about competitiveness, jealousy and the normality of obsessive or strange behavior, which helps flesh everything out and adds nuance. Visually and sound wise the film looks great and is not a budget or amateur production at all, it has the Hollywood polish which is nice.

The plot is still familiar, and it does have several of the typical tropes, but at the same time it adds its own originality and personality to the characters in a way that made it refreshing. All in all entertaining and immersing, and touching even!

Reviewed by moonbeaver 7 / 10


In the case of many thrillers, the rating at IMDb is plain wrong. I like to have a quick look at any that score 5.0 or higher if only to check the first 10 minutes to see if anything hooks me. Most often I hit the delete key. Occasionally, I get stick around right to the end. Rarely, I find a hidden gem. CRUSH, is one of these gems.

Here is a clever director that takes you on a wild ride. He doesn't lay it out for you in the introduction; it's not a simple game of 'who gets the axe next?' It's a game of 'who is the villain and who the hero? Who is the lover and who is the best friend?'

It's a little cinematic technique known as suspense.

Hitchcock it's not, but trust me on this one and fire up the popcorn.

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