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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by euroGary 7 / 10

An entertaining thriller... but it could have been more

In many ways 'Cut Snake' is a wasted opportunity: it could have been a worthy social drama about how young men sent to prison cope with their prison history when they're out. Critical acclaim and award ceremonies would have followed. Instead, it's packed with macho violence, swearing and drag queens. So fewer filmsnob points, but probably more box office success.

It's Australia (in the 1970s, judging from the outfits). Ex-con 'Sparra' (the personable Alex Russell) is going straight and working in a broom factory when an old mucker from prison, 'Pommie' (Sullivan Stapleton) turns up. Pommie quickly inveigles his way into the home of Sparra and fiancée Paula, despite the former's reluctance - it is clear there is some prison-based connection between the pair, a connection Pommie is determined will continue. Meanwhile, his violent tendencies come to the fore.

Although it is fairly obvious early on what the connection is between Pommie and Sparra, this isn't explicitly stated until late in the film - meaning the viewer cannot be sure s/he fully understands Pommie and Sparra's motivations. But other aspects of the story rattle along at a fair old pace. As for the acting, Russell does well enough in portraying Sparra's confusion, but Stapleton seems so intent on channeling every one-note psycho who has ever featured on screen that by the time his big emotional scene rolls around it is hard to take him seriously. Still, caught as it is between the two genres of social drama and action thriller, 'Cut Snake' is an entertaining film and I would be happy to watch it again.

Reviewed by aaronthompsonm-35140 8 / 10

Unexpectedly New and Refreshing Crime Thriller

Cut Snake is not your average/usual crime thriller. It is luckily much more. Somewhat based on the actual events that happened in Brisbane, Australia at The Whiskey A Go Go Night Club Fire that left 15 people dead in 1973. But the star attraction here is Sullivan Stapleton, known from 300:Rise of An Empire, Strike Back TV Series, Animal Kingdom and other movies and TV shows. He plays a testosterone filled criminal, full of anger and rage. He is most surely deserving of an award for his performance here. Sullivan's character is also a much more complex and not really what he seems to be at first. His character Pommie is an emotionally disturbed and hurt, character out of jail looking to rekindle with an old flame played by Alex Russell, that made a promise to him when they were in jail together. One of the surprises here is that both male leads are gay/bi and very masculine (unlike most false Hollywood characterization of a gay male being effeminate) Cut Snake will take you for a ride ( a good one at that) and leave you wanting more. Be sure to see it.

Reviewed by Red-Barracuda 7 / 10

A daringly written Australian thriller

A man called Pommie is released from prison and hooks up with an ex-con friend called Sparra who has settled down with a wife in a life away from crime. Before long a dangerous chemistry begins to take effect between them and things start to get out of control.

This Australian thriller is set in the mid 70's. It benefits from a strong performance from Sullivan Stapleton in the role of the psychotic character Pommie. This is not a typical psychopath however, as there is an unusual sensitivity to this character, completely at odds to his hard man exterior. The main thing that underpins this aspect is the big surprise turning point in the movie, where we discover that both cons history is not one solely of violence but of love. They were lovers in prison and seemingly still have strong attractions for one and other now, meaning that the movie becomes an unorthodox love triangle. This adds a further layer of tension to proceedings to top of a scenario that is pretty tense as it is, as both men get involved in violent crime that threatens to destroy the home life of Sparra. It's a situation that can only end in tears and events escalate accordingly.

This is a well-acted and daringly written thriller that goes places that remain unusual in these kinds of films especially. Worth catching for these reasons.

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