D3: The Mighty Ducks


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Elden Henson as Fulton Reed
Emilio Estevez as Gordon Bombay
Joshua Jackson as Charlie Conway
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mutty-mcflea 6 / 10

A Great End To A Great Disney Sports Series

I've got a real soft spot for these movies; I adored the first movie when it was first released and although it's not that great now, all three films have a good deal of charm and the cast has genuine chemistry.

'D3' is just really enjoyable stuff. Emilio Estevez isn't around much (still billed first in the credits, though) and he is missed despite the original film's central relationship between him and the kids being repeated here with a new coach. But there's enough here that's new to the series (if not to cinema in general) to make this worthwhile once the weak opening is out of the way.

David Newman's score is genuinely good, making the hockey games rousing - as in 'D2', easily the highlight of the movie - and giving the movie real momentum. It's no classic, but it's likable and engaging.

Reviewed by dpoll390 2 / 10

What were they thinking?!


This movie doesn't even do justice to D2. Just a disgrace. I think what Disney was trying to do was change things up a bit by adding some new characters, but in doing so they took away probably some of the best.

THE BAD 1. A new coach-I don't even remember the new coach's name, he doesn't deserve to be remembered. This movie was bad five minutes into it when they announced Bombay was out. *Bad*

2. Loss of players- Where's Jesse Hall? and Dean Portman? and everyone else they had that was so likable? Why'd they put Banks on Varsity? Why was Disney so dumb?

3. Bad humor- These players are now and high school and the humor is less mature than either of the first two movies. These kids were more rebellious when they were thirteen. That makes no sense.

4. Acting- Oh My God. Enough said

5. Hans- Why? Why Hans? Why kill Hans? He was like, a roll model. I loved Hans in the first one. I hated this movie so much.

THE GOOD 1. What They Realised- Disney realised that they needed to stop being big dumb dumbs and bring the old characters back. So Portman came back, that was good. And Bombay came back. I really hope this is the last Mighty Ducks movie, because the only thing that brightened my day was the ending, when Bombay walked out the door to the theme song, and then the flashback of the ending of the first movie came on. That left me feeling better. And I thought, "wow, good way to end it"

The ending gets a ten out of ten but doesn't make the movie good enough so overall a 2/10...only gets a 2 because of the end.

Reviewed by Grand 3 / 10

God-awful BAD

It's difficult to express just how atrociously bad this Duck shoot is. The Ducks have, en bloc, won scholarships to the snobbish private school Banks (Vincent LaRusso) attends. This offends the sensibilities of the varsity hockey team. WHY it offends them is never made entirely clear, since the Ducks will probably assure continuing championships for their school, establishing a "dynasty" tradition of which the current varsity players will be the spearhead. Much mayhem ensues as the two rival cliques play vicious trick after vicious trick upon one another. (I don't consider covering someone with fire ants or dining and dashing on an $853 restaurant bill to be "jokes" -- they are just plain sadistic.) A very thinly veiled sadism is apparent throughout D3. The final victory of the Ducks is *not* achieved through skill, expertise, or courage -- it is achieved by physically brutalizing the varsity team. (Is it a spoiler to reveal what any eight year old knows even before watching a Mighty Ducks movie? They *never* lose The Big Game. Watching these things is about as suspenseful as watching moss grow.) In the most egregious act of brutality in the movie, one of the varsity players is hurled off the rink, through the glass enclosure, and into the stands, which is physically impossible, which may be why the crowd grows wild cheering for it -- ignoring the very real possibility that the varsity player has broken one or both legs, possibly his spine, and has undoubtedly received a concussion. This is a *good* thing because the now permanently crippled high school student doesn't like Pacey ... er ... Charlie.

One of the stupidest moments is the saving of the scholarships of the Ducks (yeah, the same old stuff Disney has been spewing out since Tommy Kirk and Kurt Russel were doing teen comedies for them). Their attorney (of course the Ducks have an attorney!) argues that the scholarships offered to and accepted by the Ducks is a contract binding the school to allow the Ducks to play hockey. Hunh? What fool writes a scholarship grant which gives the recipient power over the grantor and the school? What kind of Mickey Mouse lawyer did the school have writing those things? (Maybe that was the problem -- they needed one of the Mouse's attorneys.) Even more idiotic is the moment when the Ducks are allowed to keep their own team name and colors instead of being Eden Hall Warriors. What? The baseball, basketball, and football teams are going to change *their* team names and colors because of a freaking *hockey* team?!?! In Canada, maybe, but this ain't set in Canada.

Yeah, the kids are cute, but ... well, that is the *only* thing this piece of duck dreck has going for it. Watch it with the sound off and look at their perfect, pretty punims. Nothing anyone says in this thing is worth listening to. It is certainly nothing that children should be allowed to watch -- this thing is so viciously, sadisticly violent that I think the MPAA should have given it an "R" rating -- no one under 17 admitted without a parent or guardian.

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