Daddy's Little Girl


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Reviewed by sketchy_j 1 / 10

A Poor Film

I came across this film whilst filing through the 'Thriller' category in my Apple TV, searching for a well-constructed story that throws twists out every so often. AKA, a thriller. However, I was far off with such a choice. This movie from the beginning was let down by its actors. Each character, but in particular Derek (Michael Thomson) and his brother Tommy (Christian Radford) sounded as though they were simply speaking their lines straight off the script. Certain words that were incorporated in normal, everyday conversation between characters such as "Mate" were spoken flatly and held no depth behind it. The scene where the brothers are sitting on the beach and Derek is meaning to fire Tommy from his job seems fake, weakened by the actors' poor performances. And the scene really is an easy and relaxed segment which should not be ruined, and is through lack of effort, or so it seems.

The film goes on to allow Derek's mind to become unhinged through pure hatred for his brother Tommy, to the point where Derek seeks advice on torture methods. He retrieves the information he wants by having colloquial conversations with the dentist and a few other people. This in itself is quite honestly pathetic and completely illogical that the audience is expected to believe that when put into practice by an amateur who has no knowledge of the human body or anything of the like, they would work. An enraged man conducting torture methods to attack the correct body part and keep the victim awake, alive, but still feel the pain, please. In addition to this, the film moves quite quickly through his search for information, which strips the film of its credibility and hardcore depth which I believe it aims to achieve.

Another thing I'd like to touch on is: the fact that Derek acquires so much hatred for his brother after finding Tommy's diary to the point where he does not allow Tommy to explain himself whilst being tortured happened far too quickly, I believe. I do not think that torturing him was a clever twist, let alone depriving him of his ability to explain things. Finding the diary was too-weak a point of reference alone, and should have been accompanied by stronger evidence for Derek to launch into murderous, gruesome torture. Not to say that finding a second batch of evidence would have made for a justifiable answer to perform measured, well-thought-out torture on his brother.

Finally, I am struggling to understand how this film is still standing with a solid IMDb rating of 7.4, and that there are reviews that praise the great acting and film work of Daddy's Little Girl. I can say without hesitation or second thoughts that it is one of the worst films I have ever seen, and I strongly recommend avoiding it.

Reviewed by Chris Flate 1 / 10

Hang your heads in shame! Flat, dull, uninteresting and nothing it wishes it could be

The people giving this film10 out of 10 are clearly friends of/know of 'director' Chris Sun. Heck they may have even been actors who were in the damn thing.

This film is rubbish. Its worse than rubbish its just filth. A stain on the film industry. Daddy's Little Girl first popped on my radar a few days ago when I noticed its DVD cover art online.

I thought to myself 'wow that really reminds me of the Wolf Creek cover from a few years back'. I took it upon myself to do a bit of research into the matter.

After all of 2 minutes online i was able to find the Wolf Creek cover art. Daddys little girl is obviously trying to cash in on what was a far superior film every single way. A pithy and childish ploy to trick people into thinking this film will be of the same caliber (which it couldn't be in it wildest dreams). Further more while researching I came across an article in which Chris Sun actually talked about Wolf Creek! He mentions that it shouldn't be as celebrated as it is and that it falls upon his shoulders to create a true iconic slasher film for Australia...

What an absolute nut-case. Greg McLean is 10,000 times the director you are Mr Sun. You're a dreamer and a copycat trying to get as much attention on yourself as possible.

Pathetic, just like this film

Speaking of which, 20 minutes of horrible acting in the beginning isn't a counter balance to what quickly descends into an hours or so of torture porn. Saw and Wolf Creek this ain't.

Empty and boring characters. Woeful performances. No direction and a rush to get into showing as much horrible disfigurement of the human body as possible makes this an absolute stinker in my books. The filmmaker in charge obviously had little to no idea of how to make a film at all. Less is more, show don't tell Mr Sun.

Crashing a car is more entertaining than this. Not sure Australia can recover.

1/2 star out of 10

Reviewed by diado 1 / 10

Poor. Really, really poor.

This film has 7.3 on IMDb at the time of writing, and seems to have mostly ten star reviews and few (honest) one or two star reviews. Make of that what you will.

OK, on to the review. This movie is absolutely terrible. It's painful to watch, and not because of all the torture porn! The acting is wooden at best, full of awkward pauses and seemingly either completely emotionless in its delivery, or massively hammy. It feels like you're watching a school play.

The camera and audio work adds to that feeling. Very low apertures are used throughout the film, I assume to attempt to give it some feeling of style, but consequently focus is often slightly off or at times completely missed. The subject is regularly not quite in frame, having the top of their heads out of shot, to the point that I wonder whether it was shot in a completely different aspect ratio and then (badly) cropped. Similarly the audio levels seem to be all over the place, with actors literally having to shout to signify important parts of the plot.

With regards to the story itself, it seems to change pace a lot, to the point that it feels like the important parts were planned out, but the story then came in way below length and so huge amounts of slow-paced filler had to be added. There's a long set up, then a sudden progression which seems like it was meant to be jarring to the viewer, but just feels bodged because of the previous slow pace. Then it slows right down again until the next sudden progression, after which the pace is a little faster and more regular, but the story then seems somewhat incoherent and thrown together. Not to mention wholly unbelievable. Of course, then comes the torture porn.

All in all this film is very much not worth wasting your time on, even if you approach it in the knowledge that it's a low budget slasher flick with appropriately low expectations.

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