Dark Summer


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Peter Stormare as Stokes
Grace Phipps as Mona Wilson
Keir Gilchrist as Daniel
Stella Maeve as Abby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Matt9942 3 / 10

The amount of swearing required to accurately describe how bad this movie is would break the internet

I love horror/thriller movies. It isn't an exaggeration to say 90% of what I watch falls into that category. The other 10% is porn.

It takes very little to make me happy when it comes to these smaller independent type movies. It isn't even so much the movie that I enjoy watching. It's the fun of looking for those hidden gems. Sure, it can suck watching a movie that's terrible, but it's worth the risk because you might find that movie that's so good your sack shrivels up like a prune.

So even if the movie is terrible, I still enjoy it because it's all a part of the hunt.

Dark Summer, however, was garbage. Boring, no plot, bad acting. Just crap. I didn't even know the names of the characters. There was no explanation of what was going on or why. There was just a super-dooper scary ghost with a super-dooper scary hoodie. Ooooooooooo....

It was about an hour in when my pupils constricted and my body put me in a coma. When I finally woke up 4 days later I discovered that I had eaten the fingers off my left hand. There is also a large blood stain on the crotch of my pants but I'm to afraid to check what's causing it.

Reviewed by angelapakp 6 / 10

Far better then negative reviews of this movie.

I would have given a a higher rating if it hadn't been as slow as it was, but given that, it kept my attention and was worth waiting for. The acting was very good. Not the usual awkward moments you see in low budget films. No stupid cats jumping out of the closet, or music that ruins the moment by trying to make it seem even scarier. Some of the scenes caught me by surprise. Was it the best horror film I've ever seen? No, but I felt it was chilling and suspenseful. There was some gore, but not over the top so if a splatter-fest is your thing, this may not fill the bill. If you're more into psychological thrillers, this could do it for you. Be sure to watch through the credits to the end. All in all, a pretty entertaining horror film. Give it a watch!

Reviewed by Rich Wright 1 / 10

A Dark, Dark Day For Horror Films

I had the choice of watching a Swedish documentary about sheep farming (with NO subtitles) or this 'gem'. I should have stuck with the woolly cattle.

I have never seen a film with so many suicidally slow build ups to... No pay-offs. This skinny nerd under house arrest has his two best friends (a Sexy White Chick and a jive talking' Black Dude, of course) visit him illegally during his incarceration. They smoke, she gives the jailbird some sweets... All against the terms of his release, obviously. Is he EVER caught? OF COURSE NOT. You'd think they'd have better supervision for a convicted criminal, than ONE parole officer who seems to be a complete nutcase.

Mind you, these are some other weird conditions he has to adhere to... apparently, he's not allowed to use social networks... but chatting on the phone is just fine and dandy. Also, why has he got an entire house to himself? Where are his parents? They MAY have been mentioned, but to be honest I wasn't paying enough attention to the coma inducing borefest to really care much.

So, anyway, he's Skyping a girl (That's allowed too... Go figure) when she blows her brains out. Oops. Afterwards, he starts seeing STRANGE things, such as SHADOWY MYSTERIOUS FIGURES and BLOOD IN HIS WHEATO LOOPS... As well as hearing OLD SONGS AT NIGHT. And the lyrics to A BING CROSBY song appearing on the computer... Hold me Mommy... I'm terrified. Still, at least he's getting plenty of exercise... there's at least a few minutes where he potters around aimlessly between each BONE CHILLING moment. These little excursions crank up the fear factor to near intolerable levels of course, and are not an excuse to pad out the already meager running time with a load of tedious crap. Why would you think that?!

His politically correct posse are there to help and guide him... Through many a 'riveting' conversation, the same way talking to a cold caller about insurance would be. At one point, one says the guy's situation "Reminds him of that Shia LaBeouf movie." Lesson No 1: NEVER REMIND THE AUDIENCE OF A MUCH BETTER FILM THAN THE ONE THEY'RE WATCHING. And this is one occasion where I can honestly say I guessed early on the Black Dude would die at the hand of the Sexy White Chick now possessed by the spirit of the dead bitch. Nostradamus, eat your heart out.

If only my powers were so good that I could have skipped the entire er... 'experience'. The last shot is an interesting one... The sight of the feckless geek's disembodied leg, with tag still attached, left abandoned in a pool of blood as the vengeful spirit drags him away. Hey, if it was the only way to avoid sitting through this waste of my life... Then pass me the penknife... NOW. 1/10

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