David and Goliath


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 1 / 10

Best not to under estimate the simplicity of rock and rope

There appears to be contest going on as to who can make the most horribly made Bible story. The Wallace Brothers would like for you to consider this poorly acted monstrosity. The film covers the period of chapters 16 and 17 in the book of Samuel and not too accurate. The film took liberties with dialogue as well as the facts. And BTW Michal is not pronounced Michelle.

After defeating two armed men twice his size, David does training fights with one unarmed man and gets smoked. In fact the bulk of the film is Sensai Samuel instructing young Grasshopper David in how to fight, utilizing his brothers as opponents. The anointing of David took place in the house of Jesse. David was brought to Samuel in the Bible. Samuel didn't bump into him along the road. David did not have to first defeat Goliath's sidekick first before he fought Goliath. Saul said to David right before his battle with Goliath, "Let's have a beer first." My Bible missed that one.

Reviewed by alansmithee-19241 1 / 10


This may as well be The CW's interpretation of the Bible. David fights (and kills) Goliath's shield bearer using bad Krav Maga moves and engages Goliath in a 3-1/2 minute sword-and-fist fight before climaxing with the iconic slingshotted stone, which turns out to be a godawful CG effect that looks like it belongs in Dragonball Z. I could go on for a few more paragraphs, but that should be enough to keep you away from this garbage, unless you're watching it for the same reasons you'd watch a Neil Breen film. I'm an atheist and was still somehow offended by it.

Reviewed by Popgunn 1 / 10

Worthless!! No redeeming value at all.

If you're looking for an accurate Biblical portrayal of the epic story of David and Goliath, move along. Nothing to see here. This story is a re-write and they do preface the movie with the disclaimer that they took artistic and stylistic license. However, this movie is so NOT the story of David and Goliath. If you change the names of the very poorly acted characters there would be absolutely no resemblance. It removes faith from the story and portrays David as a late twenty something warrior in training instead of a sheep tending, song singing, fresh- faced young teenage boy. The acting, directing and casting, just make this movie atrocious. No redeeming value...not even with the hot girl who makes an appearance for a few moments.

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