David and Goliath


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Michael Foster as Goliath
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Reviewed by Steve Mcmillan 1 / 10

Self-harm warning!

This has to be one of the most dreadful movies ever made. It is appalling in every sense of the word. If you made it to the end.. congratulations - you must be either, in a wheelchair, paralyzed and the nurse died before she could get to the TV, to save her sanity and turn it off - or you are simply a moron. I guess the producer won enough money off street bums playing shove-halfpenny, to even bring this aberration to life. Shadow puppets would have been: (a) better and (b) cheaper - certainly they would have been better actors and the action would have been more realistic. Self-harm is a definite possibility if you make it past the first 10 minutes, so make sure you have no sharp implements to hand, within a hundred meters or so. Whilst you watch the training of our hero you will long for a montage...Even Rocky had a montage! I kept skipping through and nope......still training! Even the more Christian viewer will have trouble staying with it and not wishing everyone connected with making this movie dead! I know it's a spoiler - but everyone is wearing sandals and a dress, keeping the props budget below a pound for each actor! That makes around a tenner for the whole cast, whom I'm sure played more than one part, including the odd goat and a rock! Even God himself could not resurrect this shambles - it would have been better made out of Lego.

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