Daylight's End


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi

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Lance Henriksen as Frank Hill
Louis Mandylor as Ethan Hill
Krzysztof Soszynski as The Alpha
Hakeem Kae-Kazim as Chris Whitlock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 6 / 10

Vampire-Zombie-Like Creatures vs. Survivors

Following to an outbreak that turned most of mankind into vampire- zombie-like creatures, the few survivors have to fight the creatures and marauders. When a group that is rescuing a girl is killed by pillagers, a young woman called Samantha "Sam" Sheridan is spared to be raped by the criminals. However, the lonely driver Thomas Rourke (Johnny Strong) kills the men and saves Sam. She offers ammunition, supplies, fuel and food if Rourke drives the girl and her to her hideout before the sunset. Rourke arrives in the dark but her group protects them from the creatures and Sam, Rourke and the girl arrive at the sanctuary in a former police station; but Rourke recognizes The Alpha (Whitlock Krzysztof Soszynski) that leads the creatures. The leaders Frank Hill (Lance Henriksen), his son Ethan Hill (Louis Mandylor) and the former police officer Chris (Hakeem Kae-Kazim) suspect of Rourke, but they promise to honor Sam's promise. He is locked in a cell but during the night, a strong creature breaks in the building while the survivors hear noises outside. In the morning, they find that the creatures gave pulled wrecked cars in front of their garage and their cars are trapped inside the building. Rourke convinces a small group to go with him to the hide- out of the creatures to destroy The Alpha. Why Rourke is obsessed to kill The Alpha? Will they succeed in their intent?

"Daylight's End" is another entertaining film in a post-apocalyptic world where survivors need to fight to stay alive. The monsters are a sort of vampire-like creatures like in Vincent Price's "The Last Man on Earth". The veteran Lance Henriksen has good performance in the role of a leader of survivors. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): Not Available.

Reviewed by someanse 6 / 10


Imo this movie certainly deserve more than 5.

Yes, it looks cheap in many places but it also has redeeming qualities. Basically, everything that comes out of this movie is never very good and in some instances it is really lacking, but overall it is enjoyable.

The characters are very numerous and we don't get to know them very well. They will mostly stay complete strangers to the audience until the end. Even the main protagonist is that way. But on the other hand, they aren't ''flat'',''idiotic'',''generic'' characters (minus the ''BADASS'' hero), they still have decent lines and interactions among each others.

The camera quality though suffers from the low-budget thingy and gives that cheap impression to the movie. While the set is decent>good, the costumes are very authentic, same for the makeup, and the casting (when it comes to visual). Just to explain my thoughts on that, there is a pattern in recent movie where every character is a teenager, with a stupid makeup and a stupid face (I am sure its about makeup and light), a good case is the recent Warcraft.

I do think that the plot is sometimes inconsistent, and that they chose to film some scenes just for the sake of having those scenes in the final cut. Worst, the same is true for some characters: there is clearly one character that is just there to make one scene happens and that afterward becomes completely useless; that can probably be true in other movies, but here it is quite shocking in the sense that everything might indicates that this characters is important or will become important later on. Which never happens, it's just a filler.

My review might look ''weak'' because it doesn't manage to underline the inner qualities or deficiencies of the movie, but it is only because the movie is that way. There is nothing really shiny about it, and although it has deficiencies in certain areas, I still think that it provides for an overall agreeable watch. Despite its faults there is a sense of authenticity that helps build intensity. I have to say, the final-final scene also made me sweat, which doesn't happen so much to me in other movies.

I wish they had a better writer for the characters and plot development, otherwise they still have a decent man capable of taking care of the ambiances&atmosphere; the general ideas are there, it's just that tiny bit of execution and cleverness that is lacking.

To summarize + Costumes/guns/(visual)casting + Intensity + Gunfights ain't bad - Gunfights sometimes feel a bit repetitive and sometimes idiotic - this cheap ''look'' of the camera - some inconsistencies in the plot or some scenes (but that would require spoilers to elaborate) - characters development really lacking

Reviewed by itzaferg 9 / 10

Great action and horror flick.

This is an indie movie but it doesn't feel like an indie movie. It felt like the original Mad Max or 28 Days Later! Great action scenes and lots of quick scare shots.

Johnny Strong (Fast and the Furious, Black Hawk Down) delivers a great performance along with Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Aliens 3, Terminator).

The movie was directed by William Kauffman. He is a killer indie director that makes some great action films with limited budgets. Don't know how he pulls it off. Can't wait till he gets a real Hollywood budget. Chad Law wrote the script. They both did Sinners and Saints, which was another good movie.

Johnny Strong did the soundtrack to the film and it is really good!

The movie was filmed entirely in Texas. If you live in Dallas, you may recognize a few areas. I was surprised to find out that the movie was shot in Dallas at the old Police Station. It is in the same building the Lee Harvey Oswald was shot in. The sets and environments were awesome and made you feel like you were in the post apocalyptic world.

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