Dead Mine


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 3 / 10

It started out great, but flopped tremendously...

I remember the first time I saw the poster for this movie, and I decided to stay clear of the movie, believing it to be something in the likes of the "Chernobyl Diaries" movie also from 2012, as the poster is much alike, and that "Chernobyl Diaries" movie was just abysmal.

Then come 2013 and I found out that Joe Taslim is in this movie, so my interest was instantly caught, and I decided to give the movie a go regardless of prior assumptions.

And now having seen it, I sit here with a really bad taste in my mouth. The movie starts out well enough, but then it just peaks and becomes too much, and the movie just spiraled out of control and everything just fell to the floor.

The story is about a group of hired soldiers led by a treasure hunter to seek out the fabled Yamashita's Gold treasure. As the group becomes trapped inside an old mine dating back to World War II, they quickly figure out that they are not alone in the dark mine.

Right, well the story did have potential to be interesting and it did start out well enough and promising enough. But then suddenly after the first revealings of what has been lurking around in the long-abandoned mine, then suddenly director Steven Sheil decided to throw in three squads of what I assume to be reanimated dead Japanese Bushido samurai warriors. And that is when the line snapped for the movie. Once these were introduced, the movie just went from an adequate action horror movie to a laughable attempt at an action horror movie. It was just awful and abysmal to witness. These animated samurai warriors totally killed any shred of enjoyment and entertainment that the movie had.

As for the acting, then people were doing good enough jobs with their given roles. And as I mentioned earlier, then it was because of Joe Taslim that I decided to give this movie a chance. Unfortunately his role wasn't all that big, much to my disappointment.

It should be said that the movie actually does fare well on the effects and creature make-up department. Thumbs up for that, at least.

I supposed this abandoned mine should never have been opened, and then at least I wouldn't have wasted 87 minutes watching it.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 2 / 10

A Good Example of How Bad a Movie can Be

In an isolated island in Indonesia, an expedition is apparently seeking the legendary Yamashita's Gold. Out of the blue, they are attacked and seek refugee in an abandoned Japanese bunker. Soon they discover that the place was a secret laboratory in the World War II where the prisoners were guinea pig in weird experiments. Further, they are trapped inside with strong and resistant creatures created by these experiments. Will they succeed to escape from the dead mine?

I really do not understand how producers (HBO, not Sci-Fi) can spend their money in garbage like that. The story is a terrible rip-off of "The Descent" and I believe anyone who read it would have at least some doubts to make a movie. The dialogs are extremely poor and the motive of the expedition is a mess. Who are the guys that shoot the expedition? How the Japanese survivor had eaten and drunken along all those years trapped in the bunker with the creatures? How someone could inject a rusted syringe with a sixty and something year-old substance in another person with the intention of healing him? The group splitting to be more easily killed is one annoying clichés. The awful lack of conclusion seems to show the intention of a sequel, meaning more wasted money. Last but not the least; the acting is more dreadful than the creatures. My vole is two.

Title (Brazil): "Mina Abandonada" ("Abandoned Mine")

Reviewed by kosmasp 4 / 10

Exotic location, exotic vibe, mediocre movie...

There is a nice little introduction to the movie (the first scene), which the rest of the movie does not really live up to. Even though there is a scene later on, that almost exactly copies it. Then there is another great shot from above on one of the characters that is really good. You can also enjoy the movie, but I think there was more there. And I'm not talking about the stupid reason our group gets themselves into a "trap" (logic almost never applies when it comes to horror).

I like movies that put different characters together and a sort of survival game begins. This movie is up that alley. Most of the characters are not as nicely defined as they could be though and the movie drags a little bit. Cinematography is good as mentioned, but there could be more, especially if you consider that the movie actually has some highlights.

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