Dead on Campus


Action / Thriller

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Nicki Aycox as Danielle Williams
Jessica Sipos as Leanna
Noam Jenkins as Aiden Peters
Tamara Duarte as Alexa Cooper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Desertman84 4 / 10

Basically Standard Overall

Before watching "Deadly Sorority",I have this Lifetime TV movie about death initiated by a sorority entitled "Dead on Campus.It stars Katelyn Tarver together with Tamara Duarte and Nicki Aycox. This film directed by Curtis Crawford tells the story of Natalie and the death of a guy that he dated that was caused by the sorority.

Natalie was a smart and intelligent College student.When she caught her boyfriend sleeping with another in an act,she decided to transfer to another university.In her transfer,she decided to join a new sorority and to undergo the initiation rites that she had to go to.Among them is to seduce a guy named Sumner who is known to be shy and introvert.During their date,the sorority members decide to go on a prank that became viral.This led to the guy to commit suicide.The sister of Sumner,who happens to work in the university as an administrator,believes that there was something fishy behind her brother's death.She think that he was murdered instead of suicide and points all her fingers towards Natalie. This prompted Natalie to investigate the case herself to find the culprits and to clear her name.

Obviously,this screenplay of the protagonist trying to investigate the case for themselves to clear their guilt has been used many times already in numerous TV movies.So there is nothing new in this TV movie as predictably we find Natalie find out who caused Sumner's death and how she exposes the sorority's illegal activities.The story proceeded as expected and there was rarely any tension nor surprises in the plot.Everything happened as the viewer expected it to happen.Overall,it was a standard TV movie as it was both predictable and clichéd.

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