Dead Souls


Action / Horror

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Bill Moseley as Sheriff Depford
Geraldine Hughes as Mary Petrie
Jesse James as Johnny Petrie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jlthornb51 7 / 10

A Classic Ghost Story That Never Comes Together

An average, run-of-the-mill ghost story that neither succeeds or fails and only captures the imagination a few times. Director Colin Theys never really pulls the elements of the story together and fashions anything substantial from them. The cast is less than adequate for the most part with the stunning exception of the wonderful Geraldine Hughes. She gives a superb performance and gives the proceedings a touch of class. However, she isn't in enough scenes to rescue the movie from the oblivion to which it's destined to disappear. Due to the presence of Hughes, the film deserves 3 stars more than the 4 it would ordinarily receive on its own merits.

Reviewed by loomis78-815-989034 6 / 10

Release the dead souls.

A few days after his 18th birthday, Johnny Petrie (James) finds out that he was adopted as an infant and has inherited the family farm in Maine. His Father had murdered the entire family in a religious sacrifice. Johnny was hidden by his brother and he survived to be adopted by his aunt (Geraldine Hughes) who raised him as her son. Once at the broken down country estate, Johnny finds Emma (Apanowicz) a stray staying in the house who agrees to help Johnny uncover his dark family history. This original production from the Chiller channel delivers a tense and gruesome opening showing the families' demise. Time is spent developing the characters even though the Emma character seems shoe horned in so Johnny has a love interest. The pace is slow but a few nice chills are sprinkled in to keep you watching. Johnny must repeat part of the ritual to release his dead families' souls and these scenes get quite tense. Certainly nothing special, this movie plays out better than it has a right to with a few scares for good measure.

Reviewed by Peter Pluymers ([email protected]) 3 / 10

Promising start, terrible ending ...

A movie that comes in my list of a mediocre but "not quite good" horror movie. Things started very promising. The apostate priest who, cause of a strange reason, kills his whole family. His wife and two older children are killed in an explicit way. Of course one member of the family remains unharmed. The newborn Brian was hidden by his older brother in a drawer. Thus the ritual can not be accomplished and the priest nails his family on a cross and eventually commits suicide. What the actual ritual is, is not really clear in this film. A bit of a weird idea of the priest to connect Christianity to a primitive religion of Egypt.

The start wasn't that bad. How the priest slaughters his family gave me the impression that it would be an acceptable horror movie. I could predict that in the distant future the saved son would return to his home as a teenager and would be confronted with his mysterious past. The introduction of Brian and his kind of weird mother pointed out it was clearly a low-budget film. Once the mother goes to the hospital and the boy, now called John Petrie, goes to the town where the house is for sale of which he's the only heir, it gets a little better and even at times a little exciting. The cliche ingredients are again used such as ghosts appearing around the corner, creaking floors and doors that open by themselves. There were also moments when something appears behind someone and afterwards there is nothing anymore when that person turns around . It's all in there, and after the umpteenth time you're kind of bored of it. There's only one commendable moment in the whole film as Brian stands next to his old crib.

Then there is the introduction of Emma. A girl that came from i-don't-know-where and moved into the house, because it was already empty for some time. She wasn't very convincing and changed spontaneously from an arrogant kid to a loving and seducing teen girl. They are complete strangers for each other, but suddenly it seems as if they know each other for years. Together they come to the incoherent and incomprehensible discovery what the priest was trying to achieve and something is brought up as the "fifth nail". Then there's a senior police officer who retired after the incident who's still looking for the truth. They will organize a seance to find the solution.

And from here on it just get worse. The ghosts look abominable and the effects look very outdated. When victims return as living dead and want to finish the unfinished task, it really starts to look completely amateurish. In particular how the kids save themselves in the final scene. That looked like a really old 70's horror movie. The highlight was a zombie falling into a nail that finished him of.

A mixture of all sorts of horror genres with a strong start, but a historically bad ending

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