Deadly Prey


Action / Thriller

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Cameron Mitchell as Jaimy's Father
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by prohibited-name-1842 10 / 10

We are mike danton and jack cooper

This film is one of the true masterpieces of cinema.

The story revolves around a strangely easy to find training school for mercenaries near los angeles that uses kidnapped people as live targets! The practice is going well until they mistakenly kidnap the best special forces guy ever and he goes and kicks their heads in!

The acting is crap, the mulletts are the best that the eighties can produce and EVERYBODY in the film dies apart from our hero, EVERYBODY!!!

The hero mike danton is the best killer of extras in film history, so good in fact that the other extras never hear them die even right in front of them! Hell he even manages to kill them with twigs and polystyrene

He hides four foot up a tree and isn't spotted as they walk past, THEY ARE RIGHT THERE AND THEY DON'T SEE HIM, HE ONLY HAS A BIT OF IVY ROUND HIS NECK!!!

The plot twists are non-existent and so predictable that you're counting down to when they happen.

What i didn't expect was our hero to chop a guy's arm off and beat him to death with the wet end, before SCALPING the mullett toteing rambo wanabee!

Me and my mates have watched this film many a time and are so influenced that my mate spent our first year of university dressed as mike danton! He would get drunk, disappear to his room and return sporting cut-offs, a gun belt with a rusty saw in it and a blonde mullet wig! (he also strangely wore a hard hat as well!)

All our friends love this film and we would recommend it to anyone wanting to just laugh at something crap!

ps why does col hogans bit wear a mini-skirt to go hunt down danton?

Reviewed by Leonard_Nimoy 10 / 10

The Greatest Worst movie i've ever seen!

I first heard about this film 6 years ago. One of my friends told me about how good it was and how he used to own a VHS copy but that it sadly went missing. That was 6 years ago... 6 years later he found a copy on ebay. I try to avoid using clichés but it really *was* worth the wait! I haven't laughed so much in all those 6 years!

I've seen a lot of funny bad movies in my time, but this is definitely the one that stands out above the rest! In fact it's so good that it's made me write my very first IMDb review! Everything about this movie, the acting, the plot, the's just so good, i mean bad, or do i mean good? This film deserves repeated viewings, i'm going to play it to all my friends as it should be compulsory viewing for all! Try and track down a copy!

Reviewed by HaemovoreRex 10 / 10

A testosterone oozing craptacular!

Fellow bad movie lovers, gather round my brethren for here there be a classic!

This is the story of evil Colonal Hogan who is utilising kidnapped innocent civilians as big game in order to train his bloodthirsty group of mercenaries. All is going fine in this cruel pursuit to until that is one day his men make the BIG mistake of kidnapping one Mike Danton who turns out to have been formally trained by Hogan and who furthermore makes Rambo look like a wimp!

Armed only with a pair of cut off shorts, his mightily muscled frame, his wits and a rather fetching mullet our man now proceeds to wipe out every single one of his hunters in a myriad of wild and wacky ways including breaking their backs against trees, impaling them with twigs(!) spearing them and setting them up in some decidedly grisly traps!

Highlights in this? Damn, so many to choose from but check out our hero's girlfriend for a start who must surely rank as one of the most outrageously stupid women in film history! After seeing her beloved knocked over the head and driven away at speed in a truck does she ring the police as any normal, intelligent person would do? No, she instead rings her dad! OK so he was an ex police officer but really! To be fair her father doesn't seem much brighter either! Does he get back up? No, he goes to the military training camp all on his own!!! In fact this film is absolutely riddled with such daft plot contrivances as to render one utterly speechless! Take for instance the fact that whenever our man kills one of the bad guys he never picks up their guns(?!?!?!?) Oh well, he was so damn macho I suppose he didn't feel he needed them until the end!

Back to cool scenes again now though and you'll simply marvel at a plethora of utterly terrible fight choreography, a Styrofoam boulder attack(!), a thoroughly appetising scene of delicious worm chomping(!) our man hiding up a tree with no foliage about three feet above his pursuers and them not spotting him (this dumbfoundingly daft scene just has to be seen to be believed!) and my very favourite bit at the end when our hero slices off an opponents arm with his machete before beating the guy to death with his own severed limb!!! To top it all off our man then scalps him!!!

Simply ridiculous stuff and all the more hilarious for it!!! If you have any shred of self respect then you simply must get hold of this film by any means possible!

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