Death Race 2


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 25990


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Lauren Cohan as September Jones
Sean Bean as Markus Kane
Danny Trejo as Goldberg
Luke Goss as Carl 'Luke' Lucas
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bobmichigan1 9 / 10

Surprise Surprise

If there is a straight to DVD movie that is good than this would be your cup of tea. Now i was not a huge fan of the first one it was just a fun action movie with lots of deadly car crashes. This one almost tops it and believe it or not the acting is not horrible for a direct to DVD smash up. If you are bored one night and just want to watch a fresh and fun movie go get this. This movie takes place before the original and how Frankenstein was invented. Don't expect academy awards won here, the action scenes are done very well and the racing was done just as well as the first if not better. If you are looking for popcorn fun than this would be it.

Reviewed by eric Z 8 / 10

Straight to DVD sequel that delivers.

I know that like most of you, as well as I, were not expecting much from a straight to DVD sequel from a theater movie which included a few famous actors & had a great budget while this sequel had fewer actors & budget.

The entire movie as you will all know is a prequel explaining the beginnings of Frankenstein. The story flows quite nicely and explains a lot about the origin of Frankenstein while a little bit of the guy who becomes Frankenstein.

The movie is well worth the watch if you're interested on learning more about the back story to Death Race 2. That's what this film is for, not to deliver a sequel that brings more action, blood & gore (although it does) but it brings in quite a story.

I don't want to spoil anything as far as the climax, but overall the whole movie is like any typical straight to DVD sequel. Has some action here, talking there, all flows like a regular movie.

What made my jaw drop, and I mean drop even the second time I watched it, was the ending. The ending is phenomenal, truly amazingly executed. It leaves you with no questions (as long as you followed the story) and leaves it set up for Death Race 1.

Overall, worth the watch if you got the time.

Reviewed by Argemaluco 8 / 10

A very entertaining prequel

Death Race was many miles away from reaching the same levels of black humor and intelligence from the original Death Race 2000, but it nevertheless kept me entertained mainly thanks to its main actor and the violent automotive sequences. And even though there did not seem to be too much material for a sequel, the studio Universal did not vacillate to exploit the home market with Death Race 2, released straight-to-DVD. Strictly speaking, this is not a sequel, but a prequel, something which allows a better distribution of the low budget with which it was made. That's the reason why Death Race 2 leaves the stunts for the ending (with one exception), while it skilfully uses the first hour to establish the origin of the death races, as well as the motivations from the villains and the anti-hero. And I have to say that the final result is a very entertaining experience.

The premise from Death Race 2 avoided to become into a simple rehash of Death Race. I particularly liked to see the fact that the "hero" is not an unfairly accused martyr, nor he is trying to prove his innocence. The main character voluntarily participated in a crime with disastrous consequences and his conviction in the jail is justified; that is the way in which the cruelty from the "real" villains is accentuated, because their total lack of conscience is not illegal...just lucrative. Talking about the villains, the cover from the DVD prominently mentions the presence from the excellent actors Sean Bean and Ving Rhames. Unfortunately, my expectations of seeing them interpreting main characters was unfounded, because they both interpret supporting characters who are not seen involved in the action. That is a pity, because that leaves Luke Goss as the main actor by default, and he is a bit insipid and not very charismatic in his role. I would have undoubtedly preferred to have seen Bean or Rhames in that role.

Despite Goss' weak performance, I enjoyed Death Race 2 pretty much because of the screenplay, Roel Reine's dynamic direction and the delirious scenes of action, violence and big explosions. Those sequences are very exciting and well filmed.

In conclusion, Death Race 2 is a very competent action film with which I took a pleasant surprise, and I recommend it if you are looking for having an exciting and very entertaining time.

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