Death Spa


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 89%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 1036


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Chelsea Field as Darla
Brenda Bakke as Laura Danvers
Vanessa Bell Calloway as Marci Hewitt
Merritt Butrick as David Avery
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shark-43 6 / 10

Laughable Bad 1980's Gorefest

Wow - this movie is fun and bad all at the same time. I'm amazed at how many people rent "horror" movies expecting them to actually be good - good in a sense of a strong story, decent plot, top notch acting and true scary moments - don't they realize that for every truly good horror film (and they are rare) there are fifty bad ones? And out of those fifty bad ones, there are maybe ten that rise to a new level - ones that are so bad that they are entertaining for all the wrong reasons - ridiculous script, bad acting, lame music and horrible directing. DEATH SPA is one of those - they rip-off many other movies including CARRIE, The EXORCIST and actually another murder spree in a gym movie, KILLER WORKOUT. Now Killer Workout is actually more fun and more lame but Death Spa has some hilarious moments. DEfinitely worth checking out for you fans of cheesy and laughable horror movies.

Reviewed by Coventry 6 / 10

Delightful 80's cheese-nonsense.

Witch Bitch… For the (alternative) title alone this movie should be considered a "classic" in the industry of silly-n-cheesy 80's horror! "Death Spa" delivers everything you can derive from the title and cool DVD-cover (mine actually displays a girl's bare ass): rancid sleaze, a retarded plot and loads of gooey make-up effects. Recent widower Michael Evans runs the fancy and hi-tech Starbody Health Spa, where all the gym devices are computer-driven and sexy young girls become a member if only to get close to hunky Michael. Business is great until peculiar 'accidents' begin to take place. Michael's girlfriend Laura is the first victim when she gets heavily burned after using the spa. The next incidents are even worse, resulting in the death of several guests. Michael suspects his brother-in-law to sabotage the place, as he never got over his sister's tragic suicide, but it's more likely that Catherine's vengeful spirit returned from the grave herself. "Death Spa" is wacky nonsense, completely without tension or atmosphere, but the gory murders are tremendously fun to watch! Some of the cheese-highlights include a girl literally blown to pieces by an exploding mirror and another hottie melts down to the bones! An elderly guy (a cop investigating the case) even has his throat bitten open by a deep-frozen fish!!! How many times have you seen that before? Everything in this gym center is bewitched, even the cocktail blender and the bathroom tiles. The dialogs & acting performances are horrible, the typical 80's music is atrocious and all the characters are so dumb they really deserve to die. Ken Foree ('Dawn of the Dead') briefly appears as the gym center's caretaker, but his share in the plot is hardly worth mentioning. "Death Spa" is insignificant and brainless 80's trash, and I enjoyed it A LOT!

Reviewed by CMRKeyboadist 7 / 10

What a Hilarious Flick

I have been waiting to find a copy of this movie since I saw a preview for it about 15 years ago. Finally, a few weeks ago I got a copy of the uncut version and I laughed my way through most of this movie. OK, most of the dialogue in this movie is just bad. Not even one of my personal favorite actors (Ken Foree) could save this bad script writing. But hey, this is a movie that takes place in a gym most of the time. How good could the dialogue be? The story line is decent enough to keep interest. Although, things do start to crumble near the end of the movie. But hey, that's OK because the end is the best part of the movie. And I can't forget the gore. This movie is rather graphically violent and I think that's where most of the laughs come in. Mainly, at times the gore takes you by surprise with certain scenes like peoples hands blowing to pieces or throats be impaled through. Yes, this movie is a lot of good fun and if you can stand bad dialogue and extremely bad eights music check it out, if you can find a copy.

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