Deep Dark Canyon


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
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Martin Starr as Lloyd Cavanaugh
Matthew Lillard as Jack Cavanaugh
Justine Bateman as Cheryl Cavanaugh
Ted Levine as Bloom Towne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by maximusgrande 9 / 10

Good Indy film, well worth watching

Yup, comments on this movie are all over the place, so let me clear up a few things.

This is a low budget Indy film. A fairly simple story, small cast, local filming locations. The acting is awfully good, cinematography is crisp and beautifully shows the Northern California woodlands.

Is the film perfect? No. Is it highly entertaining? Yes, indeed. Is it a feel-good package? Not even close. So ... it is an uncomplicated film with action, but character driven. I am quite comfortable recommending that people give this one a try.

Reviewed by shawnblackman 5 / 10

Tense action

An action thriller that has two teenage brothers hunting for deer in the woods when one of them accidentally kills the mayor who happens to be hunting as well. The boys happen to be the sheriff's sons which make matters worse upon arresting them. With one brother being released he fears the worst will happen to his brother so he breaks him out killing two officers in the process. Two handcuffed brothers set off in the woods which begins a manhunt with no intentions of arresting them just killing them.

This film kept you on the edge with loads of tension. More plot is revealed adding on some layers. The music is awesome in this one as well. Violence is mild.

Matthew Lillard is in this for two seconds and Justine Bateman is looking older in a weird waitress role.

You'll enjoy this one.

Reviewed by Charles Cowles 10 / 10

Exciting, occasionally funny

I really enjoyed this movie. Great cinematography that captures the rich colors of the Russian River, excellent sound track, good acting and an interesting story. I went to see it again yesterday, liked it even better the second time. Highly recommended! It's basically a chase movie, where two teenage brothers accidentally(?) shoot and kill the Guerneville town mayor, whose family the Cavanaughs pretty much own all of the businesses in the town and who were responsible for the sheriff (the boys' father) getting elected to town police chief. The boys escape from custody and go on the run while handcuffed to each other. The action is well paced and the story evolves in an interesting way that keeps the viewer wondering what's going to happen. In the end it all works out but maybe not the way one might suspect.

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