Deep in the Darkness


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 21%
IMDb Rating 4.7 10 2086


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Dean Stockwell as Phil Deighton
Sean Patrick Thomas as Dr. Michael Cayle
Blanche Baker as Zellis
Kristen Bush as Cristine Cayle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by s3276169 7 / 10

Ignore the detractors

I have seen a lot of negative comments about this film. My advice, ignore them.

Deep in the Darkness takes a now familiar horror premise and reinvents it, more than competently, in my opinion. Its not a terrifying film but it has enough menace, to infuse the story with a sense of unease and edginess it definitely benefits from. Nowhere is safe in this film, including the family home, which is anything but the idyllic country haven it first appears to be.

The acting is solid and includes a few old favorites from television such as Dean Stockwell, who is probably best remembered for TV series Quantum Leap. Given there are no big names in this film, some might be tempted to label it a "B" movie. In my view this is an unfair assessment. There is a heck of a lot to like here. So much so Id go so far as to say this title does a good job of putting a lot of so called "A" grade horror flicks to shame.

My advice give this film a go. Its not superb but its by no stretch of the imagination rubbish either. Seven out of ten from me.

Reviewed by sabrina_makela 7 / 10

idk why all the bad reviews, i loved it!!

Some people gave this movie bad reviews but i don't understand why. This movie is one for horror lovers. To me it didn't seem like a TV movie and I am the queen of B-movies to the folks around me. The sets are well done, the makeup excellent, the monster makeup well done and the blood and gore pretty decent. Nothing was obviously, ridiculously fake like most TV movies. This movie is creepy as heck. It starts out creepy from the first two minutes and the hits just keep coming. Some people said the monsters have too much exposure but the monsters are an integral part of everything that happens in the movie. There is plenty of mystery left to the monsters, including their origin and other things I can't say because, spoilers! The acting is great. I felt for the characters because they really seemed to be in distress, anger, pain, etc. There were some nice twists and, overall, the movie was fun to watch! It was nice and dark, creepy and scary. I'm from a small town in the woods, so I really enjoy creepy small town movies. You'd like this movie if you enjoy movies with dark atmosphere, creepy small towns, creepy neighbors, creepy people in general, monsters, or if you have a fear of the dark or the woods. I recommend you try it with an open mind. Don't let the bad reviews make you miss this one.

Reviewed by GL84 5 / 10

Massively disappointing creature feature

After moving to a small town, a doctor and his family learn the truth about the series of sacrifices the townspeople do to appease the mysterious race of savages living in the area and must keep them safe after accidentally angering the creatures.

This turned out to be quite the disappointing effort and really becomes a huge missed opportunity. The fact that there's just a huge and rather egregious amount of plot-holes in this is the biggest culprit really dooming this one, since that leaves so much about the film as a huge opportunity gone. Leaving the revelation about the move there of all places makes for a long period of time with no reason why the family has to stay there as the whole thing becomes quite frustrating as to why they're there to begin with, and the whole revelation seems forced once it's revealed. As well, there's next to nothing learned about the creatures, where they came from and why they hold this level of intimidation over the people there that allows them to both live in fear of them while never being able to do anything to stop the cycle of violence they leave, since it seems quite obvious that they're easily derailed and not that hard to stop, so his actions against them make the townspeople look all the weaker for being unable to do anything to them in all this time. Beyond the plot-holes, there's just a whole slew of messy filmmaking that really takes this one down a notch as the build-up with the concerned, secretive regulations and behavior of the townspeople toward the family doesn't provide any suspense but become rather infuriating with them due to how route and cliche they are towards them while not actually doing anything to levy the suspicions raised. It's a slew of different scenes that supposedly build to a creepy resolution by their desired-hidden motives but do nothing to deflect that once it's become obvious something is up, and the running around with the different townspeople trying to figure this out leaves so much wasted screen time that it really doesn't become creepy or suspenseful at all but rather annoyed. It does get some thing right, as the creatures themselves look amazingly creepy and quite chilling, perfectly appearing to be the kind of creatures that would instill that kind of fear in people. They're behavior and viciousness makes for a truly well-rounded villain and they're quite adept at being a horror-film creature. As well, once the whole thing's loose and the creatures are allowed to roam free, it's actually quite entertaining with a strong encounter at the house during an escape attempt and the finale in the caves is quite chilling, almost as much for the darkened location than the actions taking place within. It raises this up somewhat, but there's still a lot more wrong here that holds it back.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Language, Brief Nudity and children-in-jeopardy.

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