Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection


Action / Adventure / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 11%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 4.7 10 5523


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Chuck Norris as Col. Scott McCoy
Mark Margolis as Gen. Olmedo
Billy Drago as Ramon Cota
Richard Jaeckel as DEA Agent John Page
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by callanvass 7 / 10

Very Good But Brainless Sequel, That's A Lot Of Fun With A Chilling Performance From Billy Drago!

This is a very good but brainless sequel, that's a lot of fun, with a chilling performance from Billy Drago!. i enjoyed this sequel quite a bit as there is plenty of explosions and action to keep one entertained, plus Chuck Norris was simply amazing in this!. It started off pretty slowly, however it was never boring and i was always interested, plus Billy Drago portrays one of the best bad guys ever in this in my opinion!. While it can't match the original it's still a pretty enjoyable sequel, with some exciting action and fun performances!. These type of movies aren't going to win any Oscars however i am a huge fan of 80's late 90's action films, and this one is no different!, plus the sky diving stunts were spectacular!. . Sure it's routine and familiar however i enjoyed it quite a bit and i highly recommend it!. The Direction is good. Aaron Norris does a good job here, with good camera work, great angles and some spectacular shots during the sky diving stunts!. There is a bit of blood and violence. We get quite a few of very bloody gunshot wounds,bloody corpses,stabbings,head explosion,gunshot wound to the head, and an impaling. The Acting is great!. Chuck Norris is AMAZING as always and is amazing here, he is very likable, kicks that ass, had some great one liners, was very good in the acting department, and was really fantastic overall!. (Norris rules!). Billy Drago is AMAZING here as the main villain he gives one of the most chilling performances ever as a bad guy, he is also one of the most sadistic,he was amazing i loved it!. John P. Ryan really seems to be enjoying himself here, and gave a fun performance, however i am not a big fan of his.Mark Margolis is weak as the other main villain. Rest of the cast do okay. Overall highly recommended!, just expect brainless entertainment!. ***1/2 out of 5

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 5 / 10

It's not the hard way. It's Chuck's way.

Let me put it forward. I didn't think all that much of the original, and that's exactly the same on this one. However for some enjoyable, light-headed entertainment it passed the buck for me, compared with the first outing. The two films couldn't be anything but different though. The first featured heavily on political terrorists, as this one plays out more like a comic-book revenge story with the drug cartel in his sights. Even though he's still apart of 'The Delta Force', this time Norris goes it alone, and tackles South American drug lords led by an impressively juicy and vicious Billy Drago bad guy performance of utter evilness and slime. Norris' personal, easy-going turn, is less mechanical to his first showing of the McCoy character.

Now this one was full-throttle from the get-go, and looked like it had a sizable budget. The gritty action is furious, and at times unpleasant. Just look at some of those remarkably creative stunt works involving an intense rock climb and thrilling sky dive. Some of the potent camera work neatly dons some sharp angles, and works in the jungle locations to great effect. There are explosions. Big ones. Numerous ones. Norris is that hard to kill, that they use a grenade launcher to stop him. Alas with no prevail. And you gotta love the inter-cutting slow-motion. Aaron Norris (yep Chuck's brother) directs by throwing caution to the wind, and while it's not first-rate handling and freshly organised. He demonstrates enough to keep you watching, and lets it tick along. The material is the real weak point. The bloated screenplay is covered with coincidences, and dialogues are fairly leaden. The rest of the performances are a can of worms. John P Ryan gleefully hams it up as Gen. Taylor and Richard Jeckal skews in as a determined DEA Agent. The beautiful Begona Plaza is appealingly good too.

I was expecting worse of this sequel. Pure tempo-laced b-action fun, where the cold stare of Drago steals the show.

Reviewed by Shawn Watson 8 / 10

If you do not worship this movie, you do not deserve to live

An unfortunate, misjudged and misunderstood film that could have been something great but only clings to the bottom-rung of respectability. For a start, it has an unashamedly awful and truly despicable villain who oozes evil from every stinking orifice. When eccentric bad guys are not hammy, they are Ramon Cota (a sickening performance by villain's villain of choice and villain of the week Billy Drago).

Cota is a Columbian drug lord, who ships massive amounts of cocaine into America. He kills DEA agents with unnatural glee, murders pregnant women, tortures people to death in a gas chamber, rapes women, murders their husbands, murders sick babies and uses their bodies to smuggle cocaine - you get the picture, this guy is lower than minus infinity.

In a rare opportunity to catch him, Colonel Scott McCoy (the ever-bearded Chuck Norris) kidnaps Cota in mid-air and drags him into court only to watch him leave with virtually no charge. More DEA agents are kidnapped and it's up to Chuck to rescue them from death. So he heads off to the fictional South American country of San Carlos for some mighty kicking-of-ass. Killing Cota is not his mission, rescuing the DEA agents is, but you know that Cota is going to get what he deserves (with a little bit of slightly unsubtle philosophy from Norris).

The script is generic and by numbers. Never before has a movie been so strictly routine, but there are some real cool action scenes and so much melodrama that it could fuel EastEnders for a decade. The direction leaves a lot to be desired. If someone other than Chuck's brother had made this, we would have a hugely enjoyable film on our hands. Instead plot holes, illogical moments and a general feel of immaturity bog it down.

The action ranges from Norris flying through the sky, swinging through the jungle, falling off cliffs and dodging rockets. The main problem with the direction is that Aaron Norris uses the logic, "If it is in slow motion, then it is cool." He wants to drag out every bloody detail, every death dance and every penetration of every bullet. It's a shame Delta Force 2 isn't hyper-kinetic, because the slo-mo becomes very noticeable.

Chuck Norris' methods are also highly questionable. For a man who moves at 48 frames per second he sure does lay waste to thousands of Drago's henchman very well. And beating up the new Delta Force recruits to train them in the deadly arts is just bizarre.

General Taylor (John P. Ryan), a character so relentless gung-ho and over-the-top that he really should be in a pantomime, is McCoy's boss and he enjoys himself way too much when he tags along on the mission to blow away zillions of nameless henchman from a helicopter that is so indestructible and equipped with a never-ending supply of ammo you wonder why the REAL Delta Force doesn't use this thing over in Afghanistan. Ryan certainly did wrap himself in the American flag for this character. But hey, it worked for Stallone with John Rambo.

The single spot-on aspect of the whole movie has to be the strong and rousing musical score by Frederick Talgorn. If the rest of the movie was as good as this, then everything would be different. Instead Delta Force 2 is a mixed bag. There is a good film here, desperate to get out, but you have to claw your way through to find it.

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