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Constance Zimmer as Elizabeth Holland
Sean Astin as Mike
David Cross as Ken Castro
Michael Vartan as Rodney McAdams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevepat99 8 / 10

Delivers the kind of laughs we need right now!

Truly bad comedies with horrid acting, bad scripts, faux humor or worse 100% toilet humor are all too common. Enter 'Demoted. Saw the trailer which out of the gate looked to be a funny tale of fish out of water as two top salesman at the Treadline Tire Co. are demoted, by their arch rival, to mere office secretaries.

Having verbally abused the secretarial staff for years our 'heroes' slowly, over time, give this movie 'heart' as they see how the 'other side' lives and works. For example, they were clueless to the fact that women are never promoted to the sales force. That as well as the issue of 'unions' and workers rights blend well as the two 'fish' learn the ways of the pond. The new evil 'boss' Ken Castro is played in awesome fashion by David Cross.

Humor meets 'heart' as our bumpkins are determined to teach a 300+ pound secretary to jog! The toilet/plumbing scene is hilarious. Yes, crude references abound but do not overshadow the mostly funny and heart felt script. Good acting all around. This is one madcap sales force you will enjoy meeting.

Reviewed by ollyrussel 8 / 10

A secret gem of a film

Upon stumbling across this film on Netflix and knowing Michael Vartan from Alias I thought I'd give this a go - very glad I did. Not only was it a solid comedy film, but it had some heart too.

The key lies in a situation a lot of people can relate to. The annoying guy at work, the differences between different jobs and ultimately the redeeming quality of revenge. I haven't laughed so much since American Pie (showing my age) but it's a very good film with solid, funny writing and situational comedy. The acting is admirable, especially the comic timing from Vartan, and it's simply a fun film to watch.

If you like Office Space, then I'm sure you'll enjoy this too.

Reviewed by MyGoodWish 5 / 10

Unfunny,Uncomfortable,Unbelievably Unfunny Utter WASTE!

I can't believe garbage like this is still seeping out of Hollywood. It's 2012....act like it movie makers! We see you,we know who you are and we're not likely to forget the anguish you've inflicted!

This is a movie about two men that are uncomfortable insecure and unfunny and it lasts for over six hours,that's counting some recovery time. Why can't Hollywood directors find a test audience that isn't packed with immature fame worshipers so they can learn the truth about their "work" before they release it on the innocent public?

Michael Vartan does a senseless and desperate pasty naked ass scene at the end of this torture.(need I say more)Why bother,why! It's so obviously desperate and contrived you just want it to be over. Who ever thought this painful scene up should be forced to watch old Alf shows for a week.

I have to blame the director for this utter waste because all of the actors were equally self conscious and terrible,but the director actually directed them to say their awful lines with those stupid looks on their faces. One painful scene after another with good actors doing unbelievably terrible acting,I couldn't believe my eyes. What a waste!

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