Devil Seed


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Michelle Argyris as Alex Froshiber
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Reviewed by john-gregorio43 6 / 10

Could be better

The problem that I find with titles like this one are that they have a lot to live up too. You will never find a movie as raw and horrifying as the original Exorcist in the 70's. People are trying to make movies that are like it with the same acting and story, and it is too iconic to be retold. The movie itself was OK. I gave it a 6 because on its own the movie was good, acting was OK, however it does in fact seem like a tacky run off of the Exorcist. It has the same battle between the demon and priest, as well as the "walking backwards" thing. Not a bad movie to see with your girlfriend if you are looking for a good scare. Not the greatest either.

Reviewed by Rich Wright 4 / 10

Did you know that evil is live backwards?! Spooky...

"The Devil In Me" (Not Devil Seed, more on that later) is a cliché ridden, hilarious mess, and the only way I can come to terms with it is by compiling one of my infamous lists. So, here goes...

1. Why is the victim of these atrocities always 'The new girl in town?'

2. Why is the only one doing nude scenes the bimbo with the boob job with a bit part?

3. Why would you break into a psychics for a 60 dollar reading after a heavy night out drinking?

4. Why is it the initial SHOCK when you hear a noise turns out to be nothing, but it always followed by the REAL SCARE?

5. Why bother possessing someone you're raping so she'll give birth to THE ANTICHRIST?

6. Why is it so convenient that the school councellor's father turns out to be A BLOOMIN' EXORCIST?!

7. Why can a demonic spirit in flight be stopped by A SHOWER CURTAIN?!

8. Why is this marketed as a horror when it should be a comedy? (18 you say?! BWHAHAHAHAHAHA etc)

9. Why bother changing the name of the film in the UK? (Might have been better if they'd changed the director, writer, actors, caterers...)

10. Why, in this genre, do the credits ALWAYS begin with an appalling loud cacophony of noise by a metal band you've never heard of?

I'm sure there are more, many more, but I'm off now to take some paracetamol and have a lie down. I've just got time for perhaps the most important question of them all: 11. Why was this ever made?! 4/10

Reviewed by jaxbubba 7 / 10

Bravo to Director Greg A. Sager

As far as demon possession films go, director Greg A. Sager does a really, really nice job retelling this classic story of devil finds girl, devil loses girl, devil finds new girl to plant his demon spawn into. The film is a combination of "The Exorcist" meets "Rosemary's Baby"; however, it's definitely not in their class of motion picture. But Greg A. Sager (remember this name) does a truly commendable job with a very limited budget, and this no-name cast.

Alex, Jessica, and Breanne are college students returning back to campus for Fall term. Alex has had a very stress summer as she has spent it caring for her Grandmother, who is suffering from cancer. On their inaugural night back, the three girls let off some stream at a local house party before classes start in a couple of days. On their way back home from the party, Jessica talks Alex into going into a psychic parlor to have their fortunes read. In do so; the psychic accidentally unleashes a dark presence from Alex's psyche.

Again I cannot overemphasize the incredible directing job of Greg A. Sager on this film. His attention to details in this film is something to behold. Please pay close attention to the doorways, as a "possessed" Alex moves through the household. Also when Alex finds out that her being a virgin, could be one of the reasons why the demon has selected her to carry his spawn; the first thing I said in my head, "too easy, go have some sex"… and that the very thing Alex tries to do… unsuccessfully I might add.

So I definitely recommend seeing this film, it's mildly scary with a couple of well executed "jump" scenes; however, nothing that's going to keep you up nights. But I would never, ever pay money to see this film in the cinemaplex; best seen in the comfort of your home, with a big bowl of popcorn and the lights turned down. For a next generation of teens who do not have a clue of what "The Exorcist" or "Rosemary's Baby" were, this is the perfect "starter" film. So enjoy! However, just a note there is gratuitous sex and adult language, which is to be expected to most horror films nowadays.


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