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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by William C. Uchtman ([email protected]) 1 / 10

Dirty (Incoherent) Movie

You know how there are movies that seem to be good ideas on paper but turn out lousy, and those movies you wonder how in God's Green Earth became green-lit to get made, this movie is both. Based along the lines of "Kentucky Fired Movie," "Dirty Movie" is nothing but a string of obscene and demented characters acting out the dirty jokes your acid-baked dumb-ass former friends used to tell in school. Basically "The Benny Hill Show" on acid, except without the humor, clever one-liners or the witty repartee, the movie is a string of obscene material and tasteless dialogue interspersed with scenes of an extremely low-budget film company trying to make a movie with nothing but jokes which get worse and even more controversial as it continues. It doesn't push the envelope; it ignores it completely. The movie fails to realize the difference between dirty jokes and offensive jokes; dirty jokes are basically humor directed at misunderstandings of human vices and stigmas, such as drinking and sex. Offensive jokes are purposely based on ignorance and intolerance and directly aimed at religious, cultural and ethnic groups. The vignettes of the filmmaking crew are the only partially interesting thing about the film; especially as the creators debate between art and sensationalism. Christopher Meloni of "Law & Order" plays a typical despicable director, a man completely without morals, humanity or any redeeming human qualities, joined by Robert Klein as the equally emotionally-deficient producer and Cyndi Lauper as a mom in a few sketches. The only thing interesting about the fake sketches is that as they go on, it starts becoming noticeable that even they seem to share a loose storyline of characters with a male bartender playing straight man, a cute female bartender delivering lines to drunks, a psychotic young boy (Cyndi's boy), a demented and unprofessional physician, some stoned redneck farmers and a mad priest among others. The nudity is confined to more than a few bare breast shots; a few of the women are actually attractive (one particularly homely one turns out in the commentary to be a pseudo-famous female impersonator), but the movie is so focused on indecency and immorality that they're reduced to set dressing than plot points. Like I said, the only interesting parts of the movie are the internal debates on what constitutes obscene material and just what it is willing to do or not do, but most of the time, the movie just drags its feet across the line for no purpose at all but to be shocking. Ignore trying to be funny, the film wants to appall and disgust. (Worse yet, there are adolescent kids in some of the scenes.) Bottom line: the only people who might appreciate this film are stoners, drunks and immature college students.

Reviewed by sreiss 1 / 10


I like low-brow humor...this wasn't even at that level. This is clearly one of the worst excuses for a movie that I have ever seen. The premise was stupid, the jokes were stupid, the acting was stupid, and thank goodness that the movie was free on Comcast and I could fast forward through the whole thing....actually I never even made it to the end.

The one redeeming factor was that Christoper Meloni was 'disguised' enough that this probably didn't ruin his career....although not sure how much he has done since this film .

Do not waste your time. If you want to waste your time, at least watch something from Troma.

Reviewed by minus_zero 10 / 10

A cheaply made movie with lots of laughs.

This movie has one purpose, to make you laugh at dirty jokes. That is the soul purpose of this movie and that is all it does, but it does it well. Sure you could listen to a stand-up comic tell the same jokes, but watching jokes be acted out as a movie is a fresh idea. So if you like stand-up comedy, you'll love this movie.

Basically this movie is about a guy who wants to make a movie about jokes that we as people all tell each other, you know the kind of jokes that could get you fired from your job because the joke is so offencive (yaa you know the kind). So the guy starts making the movie and we get to watch all the dirty jokes being acted out... Simple for sure, but it will affectively keep a grin on your face for the more part of the movie, and yes you will have a ton of new jokes to tell and stun all your friends with.

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