Dirty Wars


Action / Crime / Documentary / Drama / Mystery / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by CL Goodman 10 / 10

Why aren't more people watching this film?

I watched this film at home yesterday. It opened my eyes and broke my heart. I didn't realize the United States of America has hired War Lords in Somalia, on our pay roll. I didn't realize the raids and mass killings in other countries where we are not currently at war with. I didn't realize we killed an innocent young teen just because he might grow up to be a threat (wtf). This film opened my eyes and I haven't been able to get it off my brain since watching it. I don't understand how the USA is getting away with committing crimes against humanity. This kill list they have keeps growing and at anytime your name could be put on it. It keeps growing and growing and there is no end in sight. Watch the film, have a your friends and family watch this film. Everybody needs to watch!

Reviewed by alikhan112 10 / 10

Courageous attempt

Finally someone brave enough to uncover US war crimes against innocent people. Jeremy Scahill and his team did a great job for humanity despite facing a lot of difficulties. i believe every one who has heart and some humanity left in him/her will be influenced by the movie and try to understand what US and other governments around the world are killing and torturing innocent civilians specially Muslims and covering up their crimes by just using a disguise instrument of terrorism and national security concerns. Those so called patriots denying that their government could do such a thing should consider themselves in the condition of victims who are killed every single night by US. There should be global moment to make US, NATO and puppet government held responsible for what they are doing.

Reviewed by John Anderson 10 / 10

Amazing Documentary

The documentary covers the story of Jeremy Scahill's discovery of a secret war, without bounds, which the US government has been waging in the name of fighting terrorism.

We see Scahill travel the world interviewing families in Iraq, Jordan, Yemin and Samalia who have had family members killed when they were declared to be suspected terrorists.

I left the theatre feeling that it is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

I was lucky enough to catch a screening of this at the Seattle International Film Festival, where Scahill did a Q+A afterwards. He was extremely eloquent answering every question.

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