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Aiysha Hart as Sarah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Roel Haanen 1 / 10

Tobe Hooper's worst film, just terrible

** There's going to be massive spoilers here, so don't read if you want to watch this terrible movie. **

After the death of their newborn child Khalid and Salama relocate from America to the United Arab Emirates where Khalid is offered an important job. In an enormous apartment complex on the coast the couple hopes for a new beginning. But Salama has second thoughts about the move.

And who can blame her? The apartment complex is constantly deserted and closed in by a thick fog. This fog is so thick that Khalid can't see a damn thing during the two hour drive he has to endure twice a day, from his home to his office. And how important is that job of his anyway? All we see is Khalid sitting behind a desk rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

In the prologue we learned that the complex is built on a sight where once tragedy struck: a female demon, a so called Djinn, was robbed of her baby who was half demon half human. The Djinn won't rest until she has her baby back.

So, the Djinn takes the appearance of a beautiful neighbor who once in a while loses all strength in her legs. Then she must crawl across the floor, so she looks exactly like one of those dark haired ghosts from many an Asian horror film.

You don't have to be a detective to figure out Khalid is the Djinn's lost son. What I didn't see coming was that Salama had figured this out by herself and killed her baby in the crib, fearing that it too was a half demon child (well, probably just a quarter, but still something you might worry about). When the Djinn tells Khalid what his wife has done, she tells her son that Salama deserves to die. Wasting no time at all Khalid throws Salama from the roof.

Djinn seems made for people who crap their pants at the mere thought of a demon. I mean, who gets goose bumps from lights that go on and off by themselves? Or the moaning of the Djinn which sounds exactly like E.T.? Or that amorphous black CGI blot moving across the screen, which is supposed to be the djinn roaming around the complex?

Djinn was made with Arab capital, but we hardly get to see any striking Arab locations (the fog, remember?). I'm not sure if Salama's punishment in the movie is some sort of lesson in morality for Arabian women (never go against your husband, even if he is a half demon), or that I'm reading too much into it. It's probably just a coincidence that Islamic State also throws people from buildings as a punishment. It's also probably just a coincidence that the only other victim of the Djinn is a loud mouthed American.

Tobe Hooper has made the worst film of his career, and that's saying something, after low grade dreck like Mortuary and Crocodile.

Reviewed by elieabumerhi 3 / 10

weak story. no build up. poor acting.

I saw Djinn, the 1st Horror thriller shot in UAE. and featuring Lebanese , Egyptian and Emiraty and Saudi actors.

Beside the scenes of classic "jumpy" feelin, the acting is very bad. Chemistry between the actors is practically inexistent, the story is revealed in the 1st scene. and there is no build up. I have to say that the Saudi Actress, Aiysha Hart who did a great job! Some effects are good, but borrowed from other movies, such as "scene of birds bumping into windows...or the crawling "Um Al dwais" weak cinematography. Dubai has much better scenes than shown. We need to compare the movie to international standards, especially with the amount of money spent on it. and the full access to all needed materials and actors. and hence why the movie rating is 3, in my opinion.

Reviewed by obaid gm 3 / 10

A Mediocre Attempt

The movie has a nice folklore traditional Emirati story , and depends on some of the beliefs of Islam regarding the realm of Jin (There is no D in Jin) . It is directed by Tobe Hooper which I believe is the only reason that you might consider watching this. The most horrible thing about this movie is the cast , some are horribly unwatchable and there is no chemistry whatsoever between them. The dialects and accents are just too silly to mix together in members of the same family. The transition from speaking Arabic to speaking English is just uneasy to hear. The movies starts okay then the plot just plateaus for a veryyyyy long time until you are hit with the stupid ending. Bottom line is, if you don't speak Arabic I do not recommend watching this , and if you do speak Arabic I also do not recommend you to watch it.

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