Do You Believe?


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lars Bear 4 / 10

As good an argument in favour of atheism as I ever saw

You don't have to be a Christian or, indeed, a believer of any kind to enjoy movies (or books, or plays) that have Christian themes, or that clearly promote a message. Such themes are very subtly played out in Gabriel Axel's 'Babette's Feast,' less subtly in the Narnia stories and Lord of the Rings, and rather blatantly in, for example, Ben Hur, to give only a few examples. All these have in common that they tell engaging stories in either dramatic settings, or with vivid, engaging characters, or both.

'Do you believe?' has insipid, cardboard-cutout characters and no genuine drama whatever. I can't trash it completely, because it's decently acted with competent cinematography -- a slick package, in fact. So slick, in fact, as to be suspicious. This is a movie that is clearly designed to push a product, and any artistic or dramatic interest it might raise is clearly a device, directed toward that end.

Although the movie is frequently described as "Christian," in reality it promotes a particular kind of US, affluent, protestant Christianity. One of the characters is a tame pastor whose role is merely to expound the doctrine of substitutionary atonement and keep everybody on message. I suspect that if you were, say, a Catholic, or Eastern Orthodox, that message would grate on you almost as much as it would on an atheist.

It wouldn't be so bad if the message were not delivered in such a plodding, heavy-handed manner. All the Christian Characters are shown as self-sacrificing, noble, and charitable; everybody else as in some way defective. The non-Christians exist solely to act as foils to the Christians, and highlight their Godly virtues.

I know from personal experience that most Christians are as prone to be conflicted and self-interested as anybody else, even if they aspire to higher ideals. But there's little sense of that aspiration in the movie -- even the putative "bad guys" are just good guys who have fallen in bad company, and just need a little nudge from the Big G to become fully-fledged saints. There's no sense that anybody struggles with his or her faith, or is put into real danger by it. The biggest risk that any character in the movie faces for standing up for his principles is to lose his job. Big deal -- it's not example martyrdom, is it? If you are already a Christian -- in particular, a protestant evangelical Christian -- then I guess this movie might give you a warm fuzzy. Anybody else, anybody who can look beyond the slick facade and see the not-very-subtle manipulation, will wish we hadn't stopped throwing Christians to the lions.

Reviewed by monika-woods 10 / 10

Excellent movie...especially if you believe

Christians will get it. They will understand that the subplots, twists and turns of life are intricately woven into a careful masterpiece that we call life. When we went into the theater, I was not anticipating much. Based on other movies that do not connect multi-plots well, I decided this would be a "feel good" story that would relay a good message to the youth group I was with. Thankfully, and much to my surprise, I was wrong. The movie was seamlessly interactive. The characters were developed well enough to convey an "everyman" message, about people from all walks of life and how we can all affect one another, in a positive or negative way.

The movie is not about winning an Oscar, it is about winning people over, by providing hope with inspiration for all to change for the betterment of all humanity.

Reviewed by brycebachelder-71389 2 / 10

I'm a Christian... and this movie is not good

I'm in ministry, and I'm all about using art to share the gospel... but this movie is just not good. The writing's bad, the acting is stiff, and the concept is pretty much a less interesting Christian version of "Crash". It also played into some racially insensitive stereotypes: the criminals were all black, the black mother gave threats of "whoopins", the unmarried pregnant girl was Latina, and all the good guys were white. I'll give the benefit of the doubt and say these things were unintentional by the writers, but the racial undertones were still obvious to those paying attention. It seems the message of the movie is trying to reach non-Christians, but it's so full of "Christianese" language and phrases that the only people who will have any idea what the heck they're talking about are those who already believe. I'm not against using film and all art forms to proclaim Jesus, but I am against doing it badly. Christians need to be creative and original, and not just emulate (poorly) what is being done in the "secular" movie and music industries. If we are to hold ourselves to higher standards throughout life, let's hold ourselves to higher standards when it comes to making art as well.

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