Double Identity


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 8%
IMDb Rating 4.6 10 2213


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Val Kilmer as Dr. Nicholas Pinter
Izabella Miko as Katrine
Katarzyna Wolejnio as Photo Shop Woman
Raicho Vasilev as Walther
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by frank taylor 1 / 10

Val Kilmer is not like a good old wine

The older Val Kilmer gets the worst he is.

Fatty, heavy, clumsy and without any ability to show any emotion. He looks like a stoned junkie.

The story itself is below average.

Double, triple, quadruple agents are messing with each other without any sign of consistency.

Boring characters, boring storyline, no acting, predictable outcome.

Everything is there to make you feel cheated.

The main disappointment is Kilmer. I think he is drinking too much. His face is puffy, he moves like a tired elephant.

Don't waste your time...

Reviewed by Svetoslav Pavlov 1 / 10

Adequate thriller, no more or less

I was attract by the fact that Val Kilmor is playing and also the movie was screened in my country - Bulgaria. There are very rough mistakes in the film: - the act is in Bulgaria but many of the Bulgarians speaks Russian :) - the year is 1992 but... all the actors has mobiles. - even it is 1992 the cars around(not the cars of the actors) are from 2000 :) - and the worse - I did not get who is working for who and what is the main goal of the bad and the good guys. At the end - all of "bad" were killed, all the "good" come to New York. Very very stupid and low budgeted film. I think that the only good in this film is that the main actress is quite pretty and it is nice to look at her. (I don't want to say a word about Val Kilmor, because he is not in the good shape and it looks like, that the low budget and the mistakes do not bothered him)

Reviewed by kluseba 7 / 10

Better than you might expect

Although this is low budget thriller with some little goofs, I found this movie extremely entertaining and surprising.

Val Kilmer might have become a slow and fat guy, but he is still a very charismatic and talented actor and is credible in his role as a hesitating and nervous doctor who becomes more and more determined to find the pieces of a mysterious and complicated puzzle even if he could have played his role with a little bit more emotions. The charming and beautiful Izabelle Miko does also a great job as a "femme fatale" and double-agent in troubles. Bulgaria is an interesting shooting place for this movie and presents us a little bit of a foreign culture and city.

Concerning the story line, this movie has several surprises and is sometimes difficult to follow with all its intrigues, conspiracies and double-agents. I think that the story is well elaborated and deserves us some surprises and twists. That's maybe why many people don't understand the goals of some organizations. But if you watch this movie with more attention again and do not concentrate on the question if the cars are more recent than 1992 when the story is settled (who really cares) or if several criminals speak in Russian (by the way, it is logical that especially the Russian criminals tried to get a better life elsewhere after the downfall of communism and the creation of many "new" countries), you might understand more and more all the details and connections in this well done agent movie.

This movie is surely nothing innovating or extremely suspenseful, but good entertainment and a twisted and surprising movie with two interesting main actors.

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