Double Team


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Mickey Rourke as Stavros
Jean-Claude Van Damme as Jack Quinn
Paul Freeman as Goldsmythe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joes_poop 10 / 10

Van-Damme's Best

WOW! I think Van-Damme out did himself on this one. Before you watch this movie you have to prepare yourself for the non-stop action, I mean non-stop. Rodman, even has a couple good one-liners, but not as good as Van-Damme. The movie is probably one of the most entertaining masterpieces that the action genre has seen. Van-Damme really puts his skills to work in this movie, and Mickey Rourke was cast perfectly in this movie, and his on-screen chemistry with Van-Damme is just spectacular. A brilliant story line and Damme good action are what really bring this movie together, the action scenes are like watching Michelangelo's David take shape and all you can do is stand in awe at it's beauty. Van-Damme is a man on a mission, and won't stop for anything on this roller coaster ride of excitement, laughter, and adventure.

Reviewed by anonymous 7 / 10

Good action, but with some big plot-holes.

Double Team is the third movie that Van Damme has done for a former HONG-KONG action-movie director. He has done "Hard Target" for John Woo and "Maximum Risk" for Ringo Lam. Double Team is directed by rather splendid Tsui Hark. Hark is excellent at directing action-scenes and Double Team is a good way for him to start in Hollywood. Van Damme plays agent Jack Quinn, and is sent out to kill super-terrorist Stavros, who is played by Mickey Rourke. Quinn fails and is therefore sent sent to a place called "The Colony". "The Colony" is a place where the world's most dangerous terrorists/agents are sent. These agents/terrorists are too dangerous to go free on the street and too valuable to kill. Quinn escapes from the colony and goes after Stavroes for revenge. Quinn is helped by Yaz, who is played by the basket-star Dennis Rodmann. Double Team is full of well made action and martial-art scenes. However, it`s far from perfect. The whole plot is very silly, there are huge logical gaps and holes in the story and Mickey Rourke is far from convincing as a villain. Double Team isn`t a film for everybody. But it`s definetly worth to rent it for an action-fan. I give this movie 7 out of 10.

Reviewed by AwesomeWolf 5 / 10

Van Damme v. a Tiger!

Continuing the tradition of successful Hong Kong directors going to Hollywood only to end up directing Jean-Claude Van Damme movies comes Tsui Hark with 'Double Team'. John Woo must have gotten lucky when he went to Hollywood: Ringo Lam is still making Van Damme movies, and Tsui Hark went back to Hong Kong after this and 'Knock Off'. I have nothing against Van Damme, but he seems to be some sort of trial-by-fire for any Hong Kong director with ambitions of making action films in Hollywood: If a director succeeds, he go on to Dolph Lundgren and then mainstream Hollywood action (John Woo), otherwise the director is faced with sticking with Van Damme movies or going back to Hong Kong.

Counter-terrorist Jack Quinn (Van Damme) is planning to retire after one final mission to nail the villainous Stavros (Mickey Rourke). The mission goes incredibly wrong: Stravos gets away, but somehow his son is killed in the cross-fire. Out for revenge, Stavros kidnaps the pregnant Kathryn Quinn (Natacha Lindinger), and the only way Jack can save is wife is team up with Yaz (Dennis Rodman) and kick-box his way to a happy ending.

Watching 'Double Team', I thought it was pretty clear than even Van Damme realizes that his movies are a joke to all but the most hardcore of action fans. Australian sketch comedy show 'Full Frontal' (featuring a not-so-famous Eric Bana) regularly took stabs at Van Damme for a good year or so ("YOU LAUGHTER CRACKIN' AT ME? ARRRGGGHHHHH!"), coincidentally around when 'Double Team' would have been released. At no point does 'Double Team' make any attempt to be taken as a serious action movie. All the fight scenes are played for laughs, if only slight chuckles. Van Damme gets to fight a tiger and use a coke-machine to shield himself from an explosion. All it really amounts to be is 90 minutes of action fun.

While fans of director Tsui Hark would be disappointed with this effort, something good came of Hark's short-lived collaborations with Van Damme: He went back to Hong Kong and directed the incredibly awesome 'Time and Tide' (which did not feature Jean-Claude Van Damme at all).

'Double Team' doesn't come to close to being one of Van Damme's best, and it might not even please hard-core Van Damme fans, but its all in good fun - 5/10

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