Dracula: The Dark Prince


Action / Fantasy

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Jon Voight as Van Helsing
Poppy Corby-Tuech as Demetria
Ben Robson as Lucian
Holly Earl as Esme
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 2 / 10

Bite me

Is the main actress hot? Does it really matter to the movie watching experience you are about to have? The first question I think most will tend to answer with a yes. The second one though ... well I don't think many will swing to a yes vote for that. The CGI is not really great, but that is to be expected with the budget this movie has. It does look like a million other movies with a C-budget (or is it D?).

The fact that they can release this under the Dracula banner is almost an insult I guess. Especially when you think that really good movies had no rights to the name (see Nosferatu amongst others). But if you really have too much time and love those sorts of movies, I won't stop you from watching it. Don't say I didn't warn you (and you waved it away like all those traveling through Transylvania)

Reviewed by Trish K Kotiah 10 / 10

Best Dracula since Bram Stokers

I am really shocked at all the bad reviews for this movie. This is by far the best version of Dracula I have seen. And I pretty much enjoy them all. Granted Jon Voight wasn't the best Van Helsing and I agree about the cheap CGI. In those days it really was all about God and Christianity which is why I think this unexplored version to be the best retelling. It has all the elements for a classic. I liked seeing Dracula as a blond. The actor was amazing! He is everything we would come to expect from Dracula. He makes this movie awesome. I love the twists in the plot. In my humble opinion this is every vampire lovers must see movie.

Reviewed by Sarah Joelyne Astor 10 / 10

A nu twist on an ole fav - with a good ending - after all we don't want Dracula to die!

Luke Robert is the most suave & gorgeous Dracula ever - a very seasoned actor & it shows - also this version has a happy ending - His long blonde hair is a nu look for Dracula - but he steals the screen entirely - and the love scene - which U don't know if it's the past or a dream - is very tender - very sensuous as that kind of scene should be - good job guys!

Ben Robson - is another newcomer - he is OK - but somewhat lacking - with his hair so short - he's not so appealing - he's the odd tough guy

Didn't recognize Jon Voight - He plays Von Helsing Never seen Kelly Wenham before - she got better at the end - she played Dracula's love -

Produced by Stephen Paul - Directed by Pearry Teo - he is also one of the writers - Would enjoy a sequel - but has to be Luke Robert - he was the best

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