Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by quincytheodore 4 / 10

All RPG clichés from last decade cramped into one viewing

Building a movie from online multiplayer games is not easy. These games are known for social interaction or accessible gameplay, not strong narrative. Dragon Nest animation resorts to utilizing mediocre antics from many other games or movies, then put it in one predictable story and weak animation. It's a dull journey and what few sparks it has, mainly from vista or music, can't save it from mediocrity.

Story is very basic, cue in your typical hero-in-training, alliance with other race, some comedy reliefs and potential romantic angle, then you'll have the 101 good versus evil plot. It's a dreary development with just about everything one would expect not to see again in fantasy genre. Granted, this sort of plot has been used many times and it can be to great effect, but Dragon Nest merely stacks them without novelty and hope for the best.

Animation isn't its strong suit, the visual looks pedestrian as though it's from last gen video games. Sometimes the audio sounds out of place as the mixing stutters on some parts, dubbing is the usual sloppy mess, especially for supporting chars. There's a bit inconsistency with details as well, shadows or texture don't sync well into the scenes. Frankly, these kinds of problems shouldn't happen on feature length animation of today's technology.

If there are some redeeming parts, they are the decent soundtracks and design for the world. They manages to draw that fresh fantasy vibe, although much too briefly before the average animation kicks in again. Watching Dragon Nest offers the same level of excitement as grinding in online game, low at best.

Reviewed by blureshadow 3 / 10

clichés everywhere.

I got to admit, except for the protagonist's face (which is ugly even by animation standards), everything blends in nicely. But that's only for the animation part. I'll start with the protagonist introduction: it shows him sleeping when he should be guarding, probably, or he was just having some time off in the woods. From here we see that he's not quite the smart or fighter type. Next we see his agility and parkour skills, that seem to be similar to an elf's, which seems to be his strong point (until the final fight where he miraculously achieves great fighting skills to match the human king's second favorite, but let's leave that for later). We even see him almost catch an elf, and then a fight scene with some monsters, where he seems to have mediocre fighting skills (he only get's to resist because of his agility). Some time later, after the ship and the cemetery thing, we get to see the so called 'chemistry' between the protagonist and the cute elf girl. How we reached this point within a week or so, when they barely seemed to talk on-screen and neither of them managed to catch the other's attention, I really don't know. After the girl's death during the last fight, the protagonist seems to have acquired amazing fighting skills and the ability to control his mystic sword (which we only get to see a glimpse of while it's made in the forge). The cliché of 'I must protect my loved ones' is very strong. I almost laughed when he disarmed the second antagonist and the antagonist admitted that 'he had good fighting skills'. Until 10 minutes ago he was barely surviving! Also, no character development, except maybe for the antagonist at the end. Other clichés: 1. Highborn smaller brother is envious of bigger brother and falls into darkness. Checked. 2. Two opposite gender characters who have stupid fights(the protagonist and the elf) will be the movie couple(s). Checked. 3. "Evil will continue" ending. Checked. 4. Protagonist gets saved at the last moment just before he could die by mysterious force, character, or an appearance that nobody expected. Checked. 5. "Evil is too strong, we must make an alliance" intro. Checked. 6. Stupid protagonist with very high amount of power. Checked. 7. Safe way to go back home after the main fight ended. Checked. 8. Antagonist turning to the good side at the end. Checked. And waaay too many more.

I forgot to mention, how did the dark elf girl get the crystal so fast? even if she was waiting at the bottom of the cliff, it would take a couple hours to come back from that, yet she managed to go, get it, come back and stand on a mountain for dramatic ending in about 30 minutes in-movie time.

The only reason I gave it 3 stars was because of the animation, the dragon-human duo had an interesting personality, and the last line of the dark elf.

Reviewed by J-Leidungr 10 / 10

Charming story, great animation.

(no specific spoilers mentioned but if you want to go in completely without any comments about the storytelling then don't read, though you should definitely watch the movie if you are unsure, you wont regret it unless you have no interest at all in magic and fantasy world sword fights, at the very least it is a decent story)

apparently inspired by a game called dragons nest that I know nothing about.

for someone that doesn't know the lore this movie was a great watch, though the ensemble of 'heroes' was a little off 'strictly story wise, though that is understandable by it being based on the lore of a game, essentially character classes that are different from one another having prejudices about each other yet work together to achieve a common goal for the greater good.

while the story might not be the most original, if you have any interest in sword fights and combat magic, great animation and a movie with possibly perfect pacing/highs and lows this is certainly worth a watch.

compelling story telling for someone that is unfamiliar with the lore, only thing it suffers from is the introduction of too many (main?) characters right away, that might be because there is already an established lore for them I don't know but thankfully the narrative doesn't focus to much on previous events just that "they know of each other".

as mentioned a lot of talent went into the animation, they really deserve praise for it.

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