Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse


Action / Adventure / Fantasy


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alexandrea Wildee 10 / 10

Love all things DragonHeart

I think we all know that nothing will ever compare to the original DragonHeart and Draco will always be the best dragon of all time, but I really enjoyed this sequel. Much better than the second(though I still enjoyed that one as a kiddo). Its a little cheesy, but I still loved it. I might just be a huge DragonHeart nerd. I liked the story line, I think they put more thought into it this time around. It was a fun adventure and the effects of the curse were very interesting! I enjoyed most of the characters. I feel it must be a requirement of the DragonHeart movies to have an annoying monk ha but they all grow on you. I think Drago and Gareth were fantastic. This is a fun new chapter to the wonderful story that we have known and loved for almost 20 years.

Reviewed by clarkmick33 3 / 10

Dragon Heart Franchise Officially Overdone

Dragonheart joins the rest of the plethora of movies that churn out a third movie to rake in the last few dollars before the idea is officially overdone and dead. This movie, like most franchises when they reach the third movie resembles that watered down concepts from the first movie. The first Dragon heart was fresh original and great. In these days for the movie to be great there has to be more than just fancy CGI.

This movie is let down my poor, lame acting. The characters all fulfilled their one=dimensional scripts.

It seems the directors had to highlight parts that are meant to be funny by adding a Irish jig to the soundtrack in some random places.

The bad guys are just plain evil for no reason than to be evil.

And the dragon.....come one peps this is meant to be focusing on the Dragon relationship with the lead character but instead he seems to pop in and out of the story like some lost little puppy. He seems tough and is willing to take lives at the start of the movie then he just flys around looking scary later on. The morals in this movie are a mess.

Ultimately now days there are better entertainment experiences with dragons to be had in games so I think I will stick to Skyrim.

Reviewed by gurubesar 2 / 10

Dragon again..... ????

One of the main feature of this kind of movie is that the protagonists are always people who hold the justice above all while the antagonists play with their own set of rules. And of course the general rules of Hollywood applies as well; i.e.: the hero is always full of hesitation when it comes to make a final decision. This is so annoying when you watch a movie that defy logic of common sense. However, that is what Hollywood is all about and as long as there are suckers who will pay for this kind of video, there will be people making it.

The story begin with all the wrong theme. It start with some historical fact but then it digress into something of a fantasy which was what it was originally intended. To make it more complicated, a castle is created with the "king" who can knighted a commoner to become a knight just because this guy can collect tax for him ? And of course a dragon which looks enormous during the fight but small during rest ? To complete the fantasy, a female protagonist is created with the feature of an American Indian complete with the face tattooed with lines.

One of the things which I could not understand is why people with money in Hollywood always fall for this kind of stupid video. Don't they have any brain and common sense and choose to finance a better story....

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