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Brian Thompson as Kirill
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Simon Hughes 1 / 10

Hotshots meets Lord of the Rings

Hilarious. I laughed through most of the first half. Things improved after that, once I changed the channel...

It's a little like Hotshots meets Lord of the Rings. You have the makings of an epic fantasy film, with what felt like the world's worst scripting, but pulled off in such a bad manner, it may as well have been branded a spoof.

The bad points include: The script, the special effects (check out the fight scenes!), the acting (for the most part), the choreography, the directing, several of the outfits... the list goes on.

The good points include: Erm... hmm.... Well it was a bit funny anyway.

Reviewed by Nick A 1 / 10

Not much of a dragon, not much of a quest

Marc Singer, hero of the legendary movie Beastmaster, is back with more of the same. The only difference is that this movie appeared to be made 20 something years before the Beastmaster instead of 20 something years after.

I react the same negative way as many others reacted, but maybe I have some alternate views. Maybe I think that the actors and the writers were paid for the amount of words that were used. Almost none, so sticking to a low budget must not have been a problem. There were a couple of facial expressions though, as thoughtful as from a b-rated soap opera. For sure nothing was spent on special effects on neither dragons nor quests, so I guess it all went to the outfits or to the appearance of the characters. A few rags here and there, a few piles of mud to roll into before playing your part, that must have been expensive.

Was there a lack of character development? I think they rather developed really well from single cell organisms to two-footed Neanderthals.

Of course, if all else fails, you have naked women and fierce fights. Wait, they didn't have naked women (almost though, in the beginning, but that should have been warning that it wasn't going to happen). And they didn't have fierce fights. Well, nothing that my dead grandfather couldn't have won. You should enjoy the abilities of the army (I mean the five soldiers) during the final fight.

A negative experience, for sure. I'm sorry for anyone who spent money on this. My advice, take your copy of Beastmaster from under the dust.

Reviewed by Nerd101 1 / 10

I thought this was made by Uwe Boll.

Just want to say, if you're pondering whether or not you want to see this movie, do not... Just, do not see this film.

I will sum it up for you here: Badly directed acting, terrible cgi animations, the fight scenes seem like they're made by someone who has no clue what he was doing, laughably easy challenges with obvious, plain stupid or silly solutions, no character development. I feel bad for the actors who appeared in this nightmare and I hope that this, bad though it is, gives them the break to do something better later on.

I wanted to like this movie, since it's been a while since the last descent fantasy movie, but I couldn't.

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