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Xavier Samuel as Jimmy Kelly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trojans7 9 / 10

paradise aways has its price

this honest look at surfing and living in the 70's is not to be missed and you don't need to be a surfer to enjoy this classic piece of Australian cinema. beautifully shot from the land and in the ocean it draws you into the world of these two brother that are as different as chalk and cheese. but both love to surf.

sam worthington plays a drifter hippy who become part of there lives.bring a women with him to add fuel to there little world. but it there love of surfing and doing a job you love not a job you have too do that make the movie so enjoyable. and it not a surf movie that dies the minute it leaves the beach, you follow these guys in and out of the water with as much interest.

an all round great film that made me long for the beach and a simpler time.if you want to see a good Australian drama that not just made for TV check it out.

Reviewed by wc_ling 10 / 10

Just the surfing camera shots make this a 10

Totally entertaining. We all know modern day culture even the surfer culture so I'll not expound on that. Just the surfing shots in this film make it a 10. Actng is excellent. At the beginning you're told: this is based on actual events, and it isn't hard to see why. We live in a world today where evil abounds... there are some good as well as bad choices in this film. Hopefully the viewers will comprehend the better decisions and if challenged in their life with such... will make the right choices. One can put all aside and just enjoy the surfing; which makes one want to leave the cities and live the life of the GREAT outdoors!

Reviewed by jacquie-109-602428 9 / 10

Surfing Life

Wow! Volunteered for CinefestOz and ended up being able to stay and watch the movie premiere! The opening scene creates an unexpected tension with the mother and the young brothers heading off in darkness. They drive and drive and end up at overlooking what appears to be the Margaret River beach and its seems like their fate lies in the region. It not easy fitting into a tight knit community and the boys find it difficult though they find do find a friend who's pretty good at fixing up boards. Cut to years later, with surfing still a big part in the life of the Kelly brothers, though Andy now works at the mill while younger brother Jimmy gets in with the wrong crowd. Poor Mum spends lots of time drinking tea or coffee at the sewing machine! JB is a surf photographer who drifts into the area and sets up camp overlooking the spectacular coastline. He is accompanied by Lani who both the boys begin to fall for. The movie coasts along at a slow pace mixing awesome surf photography interspersed with the drama unfolding to the final surf competition and showdown with the baddies, bank and promoter, and coming back to the beginning of the story when Jimmy saves Andy from drowning but the roles are reversed. The scenery in the film is breath taking and showcases the Margaret River region, including Augusta, Bunker Bay and Yallingup as places with pristine ocean and natural beauty. Like Red Dog, this will be an iconic Australian movie, honoring mates sharing waves, and the sentimental Aussie battler. From the speeches at the premiere, it is like a dream to the directors who have created something they are obviously stoked and proud of.

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