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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tim Kidner ([email protected]) 3 / 10


Sunk without a trace, as this quirky little film obviously did, what with good, respected and serious actors John Malkovich and John Goodman aboard (enough of the puns....)

I caught it on Sky Movies premier, partly as I thought it might be a serious drama concerning alcoholism. It isn't but has comedic, jaunty music and amateurish, unconnected fantasy sequences that left me in a constant state of confusion.

If one knew the source material (if you actually wanted to) then that might help and whilst Malkovich and Goodman kept it watchable, everything else is a distracting, mawkish blur that makes no sense. The only two user reviews I could find (on IMDb) were obviously fans and so loved it but I wanted an unbiased opinion. It wasn't a total waste of time, with some very good acting, especially from the alcoholic Malkovic, but I couldn't help feel that my time would have been better spent doing something else, or at least, purposeful, like the washing up!

I guess that the actual narrative (what there is of one) isn't going to be what attracts you, here, so I'm not going to hurt my brain any further by racking it and trying to write it down. Apologies if that disappoints anyone. It was director Bob Meyer's first and only attempt as writer/director of a movie and it badly shows.

Reviewed by sainicharlie-21-381476 8 / 10

excellent movie and acting, do not listen to the dolts that say otherwise.

A great quirky movie, just what you'd expect J.M and J.G to be involved with at this late part of their career. I does sadden me to see how many reviewers have no idea what was attempted yet had no trouble in dashing the movie to the ground.. I watch all types of flicks, from action to whatever the opposite is and there are indeed very forgettable films out there but this is not one of them. No, there's no chase or gun play, no yelling of expletives while holding someone's collar, i suppose that is that is your water, then you will be a gasping fish.

The movie is Jim Jarmusch-esque without the art film pretensions. It does deal with alcoholism and impulse-control and bitterness and subterfuge and other essential life stuff. It has great performances from it's stars and the rest. It did capture my attention from start to finish. It does convey the feel of the Northeast in the summer, the mugginess, the grey heat, the flaring tempers, thereby grounding the picture in a present and concrete reality. And there are so many con-men waiting to steal your dough with a good sleight of hand, that this movie has much relevance.

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10

Long it is

If you want to rent or buy the German release of this, be aware that the movie is only rated "6+" and not "16+" as the cover suggests. Now why does it say so? Because the disc has trailers on it that are rated "16+", which makes the Disc itself rated that way too. Now that that is out of the way let's get to the movie.

It's as you might and should expect a very slow drama. The first ten minutes (and the rest that follows of course) will prove that to you. But it's not like this will be a waste of time. Especially if you like your movies slow like that. There are values to be found here and there is redemption that may or may not come. It's about human downfall and deception. And it has two great actors playing lead roles. It does suffer a bit from its own pace towards the end, where it could have picked up the pace a little, but other than that, this is solid

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