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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Peasie ([email protected]) 10 / 10

There are more toys... upstairs.

Why hasn't this movie been rereleased in the box office? Best damn movie ever. Well... that is if you like illegal prostitution, heroine, elderly topless dancing, and dwarfs... dwarfs are always fun... plus he has a weird accent, and says- "...because.. you have the key," and "there are more toys... upstairs." Classic perverse dwarf lines. The way he drools when he uses that cane of his in an un-cane-ly fashion is just splendid aswell. See it. Laugh. Sobriety may have a negative affect on your potential enjoyment of the film. The music chosen to lay as a backdrop to this movie was a nice touch, it really adds that creepy foreign dwarf feel. Especially when he's watching the British people do the nasty. The "prostitution" scenes are a little hard to take, but then there's a freakish dwarf who comes in and makes it all better. Also, note the symbolism of the wind up toys at the end. You'll notice the puppy, and the giration of the dwarf are almost perfectly synchronized to the music of 50 Cent's first album. It's just like The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd. Only much better.

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 7 / 10

Truly sleazy and depraved dwarfsploitation flick.

"The Sinful Dwarf" by Vidal Raski is about a creepy,leering,evil dwarf named Olaf who uses wind-up toy poodles as bait to capture beautiful young girls so he can tie them up in his attic,abuse them and sell their pretty bodies into slavery.This little known sickie is as outrageously sleazy and depraved as they get.The title sequence is wonderful,the newlywed couple is genuinely sympathetic and there is enough sex,rape,torture and drug addiction to satisfy fans of sleazy grindhouse cinema.The nudity is often full frontal and the camera spends plenty of time lingering on the girls as they lie naked on dirty mattresses in their grime covered room.Torben Bille is very convincing as a sleazy dwarf and his grotesque grin is truly bone-chilling."The Sinful Dwarf" is often compared to "Bloodsucking Freaks",so if you like them dirty give it a look.This is surely mean and twisted piece of exploitation trash.7 out of 10.

Reviewed by TheMarquisDeSuave 7 / 10

One of the most bizarre and depraved exploitation films I've seen

Reading the plot line, I expected "The Sinful Dwarf" to be tasteless. However, I didn't think it would end up being this depraved! After hearing about this legendary exploitation film for years, I can honestly say "The Sinful Dwarf" not only met, but topped my expectations. This is one of the sickest movies ever made. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't a fan of exploitation films, but for us psychotronic fans its compulsive watching. Just make sure to have a cold shower ready afterwords. Nothing else in the catalog of David Friedman even comes close to the sick-mindedness in this film. As many other reviewers have noted, imagine a cross between "Bloodsucking Freaks" and "Pink Flamingos" with absolutely no attempts at humor, and you're coming close. As you can picture, this is the kind of film you could only get away with in the 70s.

This film sticks out from the pack for several reasons. Mainly, like the other examples of Scandinavian exploitation film-making, the alien settings and style add a surreal layer to an already bizarre film. Even though the concept is completely far fetched, its actually unnerving just because of how otherworldly it is. The performance by Torben Bille as the chuckling little homunculus of the title is very creepy. Its not exactly accomplished, but it is memorable. The film isn't well made, but its compellingly bizarre and even disturbing. Also, the sex scenes are very explicit, and while not actual penetration is shown, this is very close to hardcore (they certainly don't use body doubles). No wonder Image Entertainment (Something Weird Video's partner) is hesitant about releasing this.

Most of all what makes this film a very memorable experience however is just how depraved it is. The film's plot revolves around a former showgirl and her dwarf son running a white slavery ring (the girls remain chained and naked in a back room) in their hotel. Hows that for political incorrectness? The film is utterly evil and vile. This combined with a weirdness that seriously rivals David Lynch, and you have a must-see for fans of exploitation cinema. "The Sinful Dwarf" is an experience I'll never forget despite the fact I may want to. (7/10)

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