Dying of the Light


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 16%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 7907


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Nicolas Cage as Evan Lake
Anton Yelchin as Milton Schultz
Silas Carson as Dr. Sanjar
Irène Jacob as Michelle Zubarain
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by siderite 5 / 10

Another Nicholas Cage in Romania crapfest

The story idea is interesting and Nicholas Cage played reasonably, so this could have been good. Anton Yelchin can be a good actor, too, with the right direction. Unfortunately the script was absolutely terrible. It was slightly funny to see Romanian actors being dubbed in post production by someone who obviously did not know the language or to see that the SRI headquarters is a small office building in the center of Bucharest or that Ferentari is also nearby, but that was the full extent of my entertainment. Ironically, Irene Jacob's Romanian was almost perfect.

The basic plot is that a veteran CIA agent, obsessed by the man who tortured him 22 years before and the only one who thinks that man is still alive, gets some evidence on where to find his tormentor. Plagued by dementia he goes through Romania and Kenya to find this dying bed riddled old man that for decades has been the subject of his nightmares.

If handled correctly, this could have been a wonderful piece on how pointless it is to hold grudges and how the world changes around us and discards us when we fail to function. But no, it was a complete disaster, with every opportunity missed completely.

Bottom line: a movie bad enough to not be worth watching, but not bad enough to be even remotely funny.

Reviewed by Snorreplop 3 / 10

The ear was literally the most fascinating part of this movie

Nicolas Cage is Evan Lake, a dedicated veteran CIA agent in the last stages of his career. He has been riding a desk for the last years and does not like it. The most elevating moments are the motivational speeches he is asked to do for the new CIA agents in training.

When the trail of an old enemy, presumed dead for decades, surfaces and coincides with Lake being diagnosed with a terminal form of dementia, the choice is easy. He is going to settle one last score.

The story has some potential, but unfortunately the movie never gets past the B-movie predicate.

The ear I mentioned in the summary seems to live a life of it's own. My attention kept being drawn to it. In one of his battles with terrorists, Cage's character gets tortured. He gets a cut in his ear. After twenty years the cut is still there and looks very awkward. At some point I swear I could see the edges of the cut move together and mouth some words to Cage. After rewinding I thought I faintly heard these words: "Nicolas, get out of here, you are too good for this. Save your career before its too late!"

Reviewed by Zafer N 2 / 10

Worse movie I had seen in a while

Well, let me save you 94mins of your life: DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE.

I went to see this movie as I had 2 hours to kill before a flight, and I had absolutely no expectations about it. I did not watch the trailer, but I usually like Nicolas Cage's movies.

What a mistake... This was maybe the worst movie I had seen in the past 5 years. I cannot understand how Nicolas Cage could accept such a role. There were so many ways to turn the movie into a decent one, but I believe that neither the actors nor the director tried their best to make it work.

- Terrible plot. The story does not make sense and has absolutely no interesting part. This movie is boring to death. No entertainment, no suspense, no twists.

- Acting is completely off. If you like Nicolas Cage, do yourself a favor and don't watch this movie. I mean come on, anyone could have done better.

- 94mins, 3mins action. Seriously guys?

Bottomline, this was an horrible movie. I would rather eat my vomit than watching this again. That's how much I hated this movie.

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