Earth to Echo


Action / Adventure / Family / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 48%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
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Teo Halm as Alex
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andynaik 6 / 10

Terrible shaky camera ruins an otherwise good film

I was really excited about this movie after watching the trailer. Unfortunately, I think the trailer picked up the most stable of the shots.

Although there was a strong resemblance to E.T., and I could relate to The Goonies too a little bit, the movie got off to a good start and it maintained the pace throughout.

Three buddies, Tuck, Alex and Munch are soon to be separated by a construction project causing their families to move. Tuck, an amateur videographer almost always has a camera handy and tapes all moments with his friends. A few days before the move, all their cell phones start behaving weirdly. Alex discovers it's a map and soon their last night together turns into an adventure. Tuck tapes the whole adventure and we see the story from whatever was taped (found footage).

Cons: 1. Shaky cam - I'm usually neutral to shaky cam. I know it's supposed to be amateur footage, but why subject the audience to a dizzying IMAX screen of shaky cam the entire length of the movie? I was fortunately sitting in the back but I felt sorry for the people in the front rows. If you're prone to motion sickness, do not watch this. Even I take better videos than this with my hand-held camera.

2. Screen time of Echo - Given that the movie is about an alien, the screen time of Echo is very less. I would have loved to see more of Echo definitely. The departure of Echo is rather abrupt.

3. Unnecessary character - Emma was definitely a purposefully introduced and totally unnecessary character.

Pros: 1. Good acting - By all the three kids. They did their part well.

2. Good soundtrack - I think the music plays only for a few minutes in the movie but I liked it.

3. Good graphics - The graphics were really nice. Echo and rest of the sequences were well done.

Like another review, I would consider this more of a good rental movie than one that's good to see in the theater.

Reviewed by ADDias81 7 / 10

Surprising Summer Gem!

Filmed in the popular "found-footage" fashion, Earth to Echo is a refreshingly original family film that I enjoyed as much as my kids.

Funny with lots of heart, the movie was really well done, with great acting from the mostly young cast. The kids acted and spoke like real kids. Dealing with real problems like divorce, adoption, awkwardness with the opposite sex, and having to move away from friends, there is a lot here for the audience to relate to.

I initially thought that there wasn't a whole lot of character development with the Echo character, but in hindsight, the movie had little to do with Echo and more to do with the kids' journey - on their last night together - to get Echo home.

Too often do I find myself nodding off at these kids movies. This isn't the kid movie you think it is. Lots of action, suspense, and humor - with an edge, yet I'm pretty sure there is no profanity...and no violence. Here is a little gem that I fear that will get lost in the mix of all of the other Summer blockbusters, but hopefully a little word-of-mouth can make this a surprise hit.

Reviewed by Lone Wolf 9 / 10

It's great!

I really do not understand why people didn't like this.

I liked it very much. This has got to be the cutest alien I've ever seen.

It is actually my first review because I was so frustrated to see such low scores on this one and such hating reviews.

OK, I can understand that some people do not like the filming style but c'mon!

And the movie had me moved as a movie should do.

So I would definitely recommend it.

Though I must say I expected it to be "deeper" is terms of meaning and general philosophy but then again, expectations mean nothing.

So.., enjoy watching!

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