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Steven Brand as Paul Wagner
Billy Wirth as Joe
Kate French as Anna Parker
Tina Huang as Sleep Paralysis Victim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 5 / 10


Yes if you have seen the odd horror movie you probably can guess where this is going early on. Still it's overall decent and has a very beautiful main actress in Kate French. She may not have the chops to elevate anything in this movie (no pun intended), but at least you won't mind looking at her.

Even when she goes mental or at least starts seeing things. It takes a while for the movie to actually get into gear and there is no nudity (in case that's what you're looking for), the shock moments are OK and there is a small appearance of a former "Lost Boy" that is a nice touch, even if it's almost too short to count. I've seen worse, but I've also seen way better

Reviewed by henry thomsen 8 / 10

Not so much horror, but an interesting and visually stunning movie with just the right amount of supernatural elements

Frankly I did not expect much when I came across this film, as I was drawn to watch it merely for the fact it is shot in Joshua Tree, which is one of my favorite spots to visit. I must confess I enjoyed this movie a lot and it kept me on the edge of my seat, although it is not packed with horror which I expected. The movie is rather a thriller with supernatural elements, which is more my personal taste anyway so this wasn't a disappointment to me. The performances were surprisingly decent, although I at times found it hard to believe the romantic relationship between the two lead characters. In the first half hour of the movie the pace was is bit slow, but the visuals really makes up for this and then it turns into a great story with a few nice twists.

Reviewed by Uberkills 5 / 10

A troubled writer gets tangled up with a homicidal wendigo in this bizarre, strikingly filmed chiller.

I can handle slow films. But even if a film is slow, it's got to have something interesting to keep you engaged. Echoes barely had any of it. There was nothing surprising about the story. A ghostly spirit takes a golden opportunity of using a woman's sleep paralysis problem to hijack her body to well, get revenge on her husband who killed her. That's really it. It does get suspenseful during the first half but by the time the film is going to be over, it's just exposition after exposition. Again, Echoes offered nothing new and spectacular to horror. However, on the bright side, I was quite impressed with the quality of the cinematography and the movie was filmed at some beautiful locations in the California desert. The acting was fairly decent and a minimal cast is always great too.


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