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Diego Boneta as Arnie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by niceone-786-892901 3 / 10

What NOT to do to survive...


So your plane crashes next to a deserted island. Some die, some get hurt, some are okay. You have plenty of salvaged luggage, an amount of food and water, and plenty of stuff to make shelters from. Within two days you've decided to kill of the injured people to conserve water and someone's committed suicide?! Blimey! What happened to planes having transponders or flight plans, or perhaps a relative wondering why your flight never made it? They have a flare gun and a life raft so the obvious thing to do is swim to the other island a mile away. Repeatedly. It only takes them ten days to start killing each other. Heck, by day eleven they probably would have eaten the bodies :/

Reviewed by (krusadk) 2 / 10

What not to do on a desert Island

Why do some movies get made? Why did this one? No, really, I'm asking, because I don't for the life of me know why. Production values seem reasonably high - the plane crash, CGI for missing limbs etc. Why didn't they spend a few bucks on the script?! - it is just stupid on top of stupid. E.g. they are marooned on a desert Island with few supplies, needing to conserve strength, yet they run around playing soccer, continuously swim back and forth between two Islands (a mile apart) engage in sexual relations constantly (but zero nudity) - and I could go on, but I will not waste any more of my energy on this turd of a motion picture

Reviewed by Tss5078 4 / 10

The Ultimate Movie Review! - http://tss5078.blogspot.com - @tss5078

How many stories are there that take place on an uncharted deserted island? I suppose such a thing was possible before there were google maps, but in 2016, these stories are almost in the realm of Science Fiction. Putting that aside for a minute, just how many types of stories can you tell, that take place in such a setting, and how many of them haven't already been told? Eden is nothing more than a cliché of these films, and despite not being a comedy, the fact that it has no originality to the story whatsoever is in fact laughable. After a world cup soccer team crashes near this island, and it's clear they won't be rescued, they set up a system of rules. The first major conflict is what to do with the severely injured man, who has very little chance of making it, who is costing valueable resources, sound familiar Lost fans? After that, this film literally becomes Lord of the Files with soccer players in their twenties and thirties. The two sides are drawn and eventually one side leaves for another nearby deserted island. As resources continue to diminish, it becomes clear that only one side can survive and the battle is inevitable. Even the ending, which I would never reveal, is a rip off of another classic deserted island story, but maybe you like that setting and consider this the kind of film you might want to check out, okay, but first, consider this. Most of the cast are completely newcomers, and with the exception of Nate Parker, they're combined performances are a bigger disaster than the actual plane crash that brought them to this island. The bottom line, Eden is a familiar setting, featuring a story that's been done, and a cast that mumbles one cliché line after another, the whole thing just left a poor taste in my mouth.

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