Effie Gray


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Dakota Fanning as Effie Gray
Emma Thompson as Lady Eastlake
Julie Walters as Mrs. Ruskin
Claudia Cardinale as Viscountess
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Watcher Watcher 3 / 10

Disappointing re what could have been an interesting story

Oh Emma what a major disappointment! You didn't even bother to add some text at the end to say what happened to Effie. She went on to marry Millais and had several children with him and by all accounts lived happily ever after. The Scotland scenes were slow and boring though the rest was OK. certainly the TV series Desperate Romantics re the pre- Raphaelites was far more dramatic re Effie and Millais. It will be interesting to find out which was the real situation. Such a pity - the acting was OK and the costumes beautiful. The lighting was really weird though- going from dimmish to really dim in the same scene- if that was supposed to be some sort of filmic effect it failed. It made me think there was something wrong with my TV. I was also disappointed with the sound quality nod several times thought they were speaking in a foreign language - and I don't mean the scenes shot in Venice either!

For people who know nothing about the Ruskin/ Effie/ Millais situation, which was a very unique, scandalous and shocking situation that made Ruskin a laughing stock, it failed miserably. If you are going to pluck stuff from history it really needs to be far more accurate.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 6 / 10

Interesting plot but too drawn out for me

I did like the story.

She was a little girl being courted by an old man who married her once she became of age but would rather pleasure himself than touch his wife who he married for the purpose of cultural stature it seems. She needs a way out which was quite difficult in the Victorian-era of England.

I love movies set in the Victorian age. The costumes the art direction. The set design did stand out in this pic. It reflected how cold and distant the family this little girl married into was.

Also like how it was set up to be very stage like in the movement of certain people in and out of the scene.

Dakota Fanning did a fine job. Give her an A for always choosing challenging roles vs the easy ones girls her age usually take. I don't see this role doing anything for her career but I could be wrong.

Impress that Emma Thompson wrote it.

But overall the movie was too slow and the plot could have been summed up in a smaller amount of time. It seemed that a lot of the movie was to set up the frustration the little girl had with not being able to perform any "wifely" duties and to make her husband and in-laws hated. I found them strange yes, but the film never quite explains the strangeness, which makes it fall short.

It's based on a real story and It's probably better to hear that than to watch the movie. That'll waste less time and get to the point faster.

Reviewed by tjarrowsmith 7 / 10

Who'd be a middle class Victorian female?

OK, so you marry an arts critic with pushy parents, but start losing your hair - literally - when he freaks out at your bush on your wedding night, preferring hairless statues and classical depictions of the depleted female frame.

Poor Ethie. And you're stuck in his parents' house and have no occupation or influence, while your famous hubby knocks up his next lecture/art critique tome. What's a Victorian girl to do? Find and bed a struggling artist currently commissioned to paint a flattering portrait of your soon to be ex.Obs. The End.

After an hour and forty of lushly photographed Scotland and Venice, plus dark - very dark Victorian interiors - the sense of Effie's suffocation is almost overwhelming. Thank God for Derek Jacobie - playing himself, surely - as the divorce solicitor who shows her a way out. Cut. We don't see Effie's new life, but hope it was better than life with the freak- genius, Ruskin. As for his mum, played repressively by Julie Walter, we pray for bad things to happen to her. Often.

So, its a good screenplay by Emma Thomson, effectively realized - apparently after many legal wrangles which threatened to derail this film project and delayed its release. Made me want to get drunk and find out more about the asexual/repressed Ruskin. In that order!

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