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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ladybug2535 5 / 10

Under-rated low budget alien encounter film

A unique and interestingly different approach to the crashed alien space craft/alien contact genre. A take I've never seen before (and I've watched a LOT of these films) which makes it a must-see for any fan. However as it is, it would have been better as an hour long short. That really is it's main problem--not enough story to fill out a feature length film; otherwise it was a very worthwhile effort.

The story was stretched too thin for a feature, but it has its strengths as well; the acting was very good and it did manage to maintain tension despite the relatively slow pace. While it did use a bit of the "found footage" technique, it didn't over do it and how they used it made sense. Plus for those who hate FF, there is only a little (a reasonable amount of) camera shake (I hate that too). The story overall held together, but I was puzzled by why the interrogation was instantly hostile. It would have helped if there had been some kind of indication given--more background shown regarding the person in charge and her over-board hostility, and the explanation would have helped fill out the story. A missed opportunity for real story telling, it comes off as the bones of an idea rather than a full-fleshed film.

Still much better than many of the films of the genre and much better than the 3 rating on the IMDb page. I don't get it; there are far worse films with much higher ratings. Go figure. I was almost tempted to give it a higher rating than I did just to make up for it.

Reviewed by gavin6942 6 / 10

Great Pedigree, Less Than Perfect Execution

The story of one night on earth that changed everything we know about the universe.

Right off the bat, you have to admire the great casting of Julian Richings ("Wrong Turn") as the sleepless, wiry man with a deep connection to extraterrestrials. His very presence is unnerving, and that is before he opens his mouth. Dee Wallace, a woman who needs no introduction, also appears uncredited and might draw in a few viewers.

There is a loose connection between "Ejecta" and "Pontypool", one of Canada's finest horror films, through the casting of Tony Burgess and Lisa Houle, who both appeared in that film. In fact, Burgess had written the original novel "Pontypool Changes Everything". Even Ari Millen has a strong genre background, appearing in the cheesy (but fun) "Monster Brawl" and the widely popular sci-fi series "Orphan Black".

No surprise, Burgess also wrote this script. Dread Central points out that "Burgess, never one to spoon feed you answers, slides in the subtext in an almost inconspicuous manner, compelling the viewer to truly think about what they just watched." This is true of both this film and "Pontypool", which makes Burgess among the better horror writers working today. He prefers the intelligent scare over the cheap jump, something that will keep his films remembered for years to come.

And also like "Pontypool", the scares are largely auditory and less visual. We know the story involves aliens, but we are left in the dark about how they appear. In "Pontypool", we had zombies, but they were always outside of the radio station and never in front of the camera. Does this trick work twice? Yes, it does.

The downside to this movie, however, is the low budget. Sometimes that can be helped, or worked around. The lack of aliens was a wise decision not just for storytelling but also to keep the budget down. But a few too many scenes look barren, or just lacking something, and this is where it does not quite hit the mark. Faulting a film for its budget may be unfair, but sadly that was the loose link.

This is still worth checking out if you enjoyed "Pontypool". And, by the way, if you have not seen "Pontypool", go out of your way to track down a copy now. One of the best horror films of the last decade in any country, hands down.

Reviewed by David baril 4 / 10

disappointingly conventional and nonsensical

Being a huge fan of Pontypool and the very bizarre and completely unexpected idea it brought to the concept of zombies, I went into Ejecta expecting the unexpected. Sadly, when the movie ended nothing of the sort had happened but I did get the feeling it tried. The scenario is a weird mix of threadbare tropes and some nonsensical elements with very little connections or consequences between them. The special effects are not as good as some TV shows.

One of the first thing we see is this testimonial from William, the main character of the story, about how aliens somehow came in his head and left something there, something that fills his sleep wit dreadful stuff that is beyond description. The delivery of the interview scenes are as chilling as it gets, but you can only speak of indescribable horror for so long before it starts being just vague. The fake documentary angle works though, and the delicate balance between the interviewer being impressed, skeptical, and a bit scared is well played.

Then the opening credits roll, showing every mythical alien photo we ever saw. It is fitting, because most everything about the alien's appearance, behaviour and obscure motivations does not stray an inch from the established alien lore.

So the titular solar ejecta happens, which somehow makes an alien ship fail and crash on earth... in the woods behind William's house. There is an ellipse, Soldiers are there. William gets shot. William gets captured and interrogated in a bunker. And this is where the situation gets from tense to grotesque, as he is being questioned and tortured by a women that people call "doctor" who is also single-handedly ordering the soldiers, when she's not shooting them in the head to ascertain her authority. I actually enjoyed the way she played fake-friendly and enthusiasm that switches instantly into dark sadistic glee, but I found the amount of multi-tasking a bit unnatural.

See, Dr. Tobin also found the footage of the incident (which has somehow been neatly edited with music in-camera) and is watching it for clues and learning about its content in real time, at the same time the audience is. The tape mostly contains very long chase sequences in the wood and the house. The alien's beastly behaviour and casual nakedness is never adequately explained, they just chase and bully the hero around, staying out of frame and out of light at all times, emitting a wide variety of growls, wails and that fashionable staccato growl every scary creature and movie trailer started making a few years ago.

Meanwhile, in the torture bunker, mysterious gadgets are used and misused with inconclusive results, there is much shouting and unpleasantness. Some weird things do happen at the end, but never really build up to a reveal or help in any way to explain the goal of the alien's actions. In the end there is no mystery, there is just the unexplained.

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