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Eliza Dushku as Pia Carter
Robert Patrick as Dr. H.H. Greiss
Chace Crawford as Jacob Martin
Brandon T. Jackson as Dell Richards
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jeremy-david-kuehnau 3 / 10

Not a great horror film, even by low budget standards.

Eloise is a movie based on a real world location in Michigan, more specifically a closed sanitarium that was renowned for it's terrible medical practices.

The movie centers around a son who discovers he has the opportunity to inherent his Father's estate, which comes along with a hefty amount of money.

But there's a catch, he needs to get his Mother's death certificate. Everything seems easy enough until he discovers that his Mother's death certificate was actually moved to a different location and in order to get it, he would need to file go through a lengthy (and expensive) legal process.

So instead of going through the legal system and getting the paper work how he should (legally), he decides to break into the now defunct sanitarium with a friend.

I am not a lawyer, but the entire concept that the movie is focused on seems kind of sketchy, you'd think all of this would have been handled already. And why would their son need to go to court to get a copy of his Mother's death certificate?

Besides being riddled full of weird plot holes, at first glance the movie appears to be your generic haunted sanitarium , but it starts to get really goofy as the film goes on. Frankly, I feel the movie would have been much better if it had went for the generic spooky ghost film instead of what they went with.

The acting and cinematography are fine for what it is; I have no complaints. The writing is pretty shaky and the plot of the movie doesn't really make a whole lot of sense.

To be honest, I wouldn't even rent this from a RedBox. If it came on NetFlix or Hulu or something and you got some time to burn (the movie isn't even 2 hours), then go for it, but I can't recommend spending actual money to see this film.

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 3 / 10

A Complete Mess

When his estranged father dies in Detroit, Jacob Martin (Chace Crawford) is summoned by the lawyer to attend the funeral and to acknowledge the will of his father. Martin learns that his father has 1.2 million-dollar that he may inherit provided he brings the death certificate of his aunt Genevieve Martin (Nicole Forester) to the lawyer. He also learns that she spent her last days in the mental institution Eloise that is abandoned after a fire but keeps a small office working.. Jacob requests the death certificate to the clerk but it would take many months to get it. So he decides to break in the asylum with his friend Dell Richards (Brandon T. Jackson) and teams up with the local Pia (Eliza Dushku) and her retarded brother Scott Carter (P.J. Byrne) to steal the death certificate of his aunt. Jacob succeeds and finds the document but Scott and Dell have hallucinations and disappears. While Jacob and Pia seek them out, they have visions and relives the past of Eloise when the sadistic and insane director Dr. H.H. Greiss (Robert Patrick) conducted dreadful and sick experiments with his patients.

"Eloise" is a horror film with a storyline that is a complete mess. The plot is absurd but logic in the beginning until the moment learns that he needs a court order to get the necessary document. From this moment on, the plot is awful and senseless. The characters are not-well developed and the viewer never learns why Jacob has a problem with his father; who is the criminal Dell; or the fate of Scott that simply disappears. The good thing is to see Eliza Dushku on the big screen again. My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): Not Available

Reviewed by songod-95003 5 / 10

Premisea tough one...

In horror movies whatever it takes to get the leads into the creepy house, forest, or in this case asylum usually isn't a major deal, but it does have to have some validity; at least for me. Campers camping, sure. Ghost hunters hunting, sure. Newlyweds in remote mountain cabin with a few pals celebrating, sure.

However in the case of "Eloise" we must buy into a legal statute saying someone must be missing 7 years to be declared dead. While this is a fairly common statute, in this instance, the person has been missing since 1982 when the asylum they were committed in burned. Still the protagonists lawyer insists it will take 7 years from the current date forward (not 1982, but the present) to declare them dead. Mentioned early in, it bugged me throughout.

The presumption of death would not be a major 7 year hurdle if the person has not been seen or heard from in 30+ years and had been committed to an asylum at the time it burned down. The same legal principal that was used after WWII to declare missing people dead would come into play. Anyway... fine spook show otherwise. If you do not let the absurd 7 year thing get in the way, you'll have fun.

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