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Eliza Dushku as Pia Carter
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Chace Crawford as Jacob Martin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stormy D. 6 / 10

It wasn't THAT bad.

The movie wasn't THAT bad. The only reason I watched it is because I grew up not far from there and didn't realize this was shot on site. I had never been in there but as a kid was threatened to be thrown in there 50 times (C'mon every town has one of these places that kids know of like "If you don't straighten up we're going to have you thrown in Shady Pines". Well for us it was Eloise).

The most horrifying thing about this movie was how they got that black dude to play that 1970s J.J. stereotype then have him stealing the drugs and shooting at everything. Having him nearly drown was the icing on the cake as you know black people are afraid of water too (eyeroll).

TRIVIA: Jackie Wilson is buried in a cemetery across the road from this place. It was paupers grave for years until they raised enough money for a proper monument.

Reviewed by shobanchittuprolu 4 / 10

Eloise is one among several other disappointing horrors we mostly see these days.

Eloise (2017): Almost 80% of the horrors have the same usual plot where group of buddies enter a haunted place and gets in trouble with an invisible force.Burnt hospitals and asylums are the most favorite picks of film makers to make a horror without any uch struggle.Eloise follows the same way and unfortunately into the same disappointment track.

Plot: Set in a defunct insane asylum known as 'Eloise,' four friends break into the abandoned institution in hopes of finding a death certificate, which will grant one of them the rights to a sizable inheritance. While inside the asylum, the group not only finds that Eloise houses a horrifying history but also the truth about their own tragic pasts.

Plus Points: 1)Decent reason for entering an asylum: Most of the horror films make the characters to go into the haunted places for fun or else for camping.But in Eloise,they go for retrieving a death certificate of a person such that it can bring them a huge fortune.

Minus Points: Except for a decent start,movie slowly descends into disaster in every possible way.There is not even a single scene which feels new.

Horror scenes are so poor and not at all scary.

Actors are average and did nothing to save this film.

Poor direction and writing spoiled the entire film.

So,Eloise is one among several other disappointing horrors we mostly see these days.

My rating 4/10

Reviewed by jeremy-david-kuehnau 3 / 10

Not a great horror film, even by low budget standards.

Eloise is a movie based on a real world location in Michigan, more specifically a closed sanitarium that was renowned for it's terrible medical practices.

The movie centers around a son who discovers he has the opportunity to inherent his Father's estate, which comes along with a hefty amount of money.

But there's a catch, he needs to get his Mother's death certificate. Everything seems easy enough until he discovers that his Mother's death certificate was actually moved to a different location and in order to get it, he would need to file go through a lengthy (and expensive) legal process.

So instead of going through the legal system and getting the paper work how he should (legally), he decides to break into the now defunct sanitarium with a friend.

I am not a lawyer, but the entire concept that the movie is focused on seems kind of sketchy, you'd think all of this would have been handled already. And why would their son need to go to court to get a copy of his Mother's death certificate?

Besides being riddled full of weird plot holes, at first glance the movie appears to be your generic haunted sanitarium , but it starts to get really goofy as the film goes on. Frankly, I feel the movie would have been much better if it had went for the generic spooky ghost film instead of what they went with.

The acting and cinematography are fine for what it is; I have no complaints. The writing is pretty shaky and the plot of the movie doesn't really make a whole lot of sense.

To be honest, I wouldn't even rent this from a RedBox. If it came on NetFlix or Hulu or something and you got some time to burn (the movie isn't even 2 hours), then go for it, but I can't recommend spending actual money to see this film.

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