Embrace of the Vampire


Action / Horror / Thriller

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Jennifer Tilly as Marika
Alyssa Milano as Charlotte
Rebecca Ferratti as Princess
Jordan Ladd as Eliza
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rlcsljo 7 / 10

The most erotic Dracula, I have seen.

Alyssa manages to do what few actresses have accomplished--Played the sex pot and the innocent at the same time. We are given the impression that although she gets naked enough and has sex a lot, that somehow it is not really her fault, although most of the time she seems eager or curious--up to a point.

The photography also manages to also capture kinkyness, sleaze, and horror all at the same time.

It is the story of "O" for the hOrror set. Although technically not as skilled as Copolla's Dracula, it is a lot more sensual and scary.

Reviewed by David Scorca 3 / 10

Perhaps the 12 minute version would have been a lot better.

The story, if one is to be found, is about a young college girl about to experience life for the first time. Turns out that she just may be the reincarnated wife of a late Count who never could cope with her death. Seems he returned home from battle one fine day only to find his beloved wife had killed herself on the false rumors of his death. Well, same Count becomes a
vampire through some convenient miracle (because it was needed to have a shred of a plot) and then begins to pursue and court her in modern day. The rest is her inner struggle (alright, that's a stretch) between life, ghostly erotic dreams, voices, seduction, school, being away from home, falling in love, and clove cigarettes.

This movie started out with a really good and captivating plot; Alyssa Milano naked, involved in multiple erotic lesbian scenes. The only problem is that the producers tried to fill in the empty spaces of the movie with... a movie. Why didn't Ms Milano just film a short segment for Playboy or Spice and just be done with it?

Alright, seriously though... if you're interested in partially naked women kissing other partially naked women then this movie is for you. If you are interested in any other form of entertainment then I would skip this movie. The initial lesbian scene with Ms Milano and Charlotte Lewis does actually

come off as a good first time, nervous lesbian encounter for a young college women. (Not to mention the scene first introduced me to clove cigarettes)

All in all this movie is a shame; Ms Milano has undoubtedly proved herself a
more then so-so actress. (I loved her in The Canterville Ghost). As for others, Jennifer Tilly does actually act nicely in my opinion. This isn't saying much but I do always enjoy watching Ms Tilly enjoy herself enjoying others in movies.

Nuf said.

Reviewed by dave fitz ([email protected]) 6 / 10

Watch it for Allysa

Embrace of The Vampire stars Allysa Milano, who grew from a cute little girl on "Who's The Boss?" into a stunning young woman with apparently surgically enhanced boobs. She is sexy and always fun to watch whether she's in something good (Charmed) or not so good (Hugo Pool). This movie falls somewhere in the middle. It's not great, but still entertaining.

Martin Kemp, former pop star, has built a respectable acting career with his role in The Krays and several British TV shows. He plays a cursed vampire who must seduce an 18 year-old virgin or he will die. Milano is the virgin, whose boyfriend is pressuring for sex. Charlotte Lewis and Jennifer Tilly, the most talented performers in this film, are the ones with the smallest roles.

This is one of the better bad movies I've seen. If you've ever wanted to see Allysa's boobs and butt, you will love this movie. She would be worth watching even if she'd kept her clothes on.

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