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Tye Sheridan as Eddie the Opener
Michael Cera as Tommy
John C. Reilly as Cousin John
Dean Stockwell as The Celebrity's Henchman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ofumalow 7 / 10

Move along folks, no comedy to see here

I really hated "The Comedy," so I'm a little baffled to have rather liked the director's followup, which is basically more of the same hilarity-and/or-torture-of-the-brutally-unfunny stuff. But while his prior film just seemed annoying and smug in its contrariness, this time it felt like he'd actually located the 9th circle of Hell or something like. The movie is like an unending nightmare in which you can't escape the hopelessness, negativity and humiliation of a universe in which you (or rather the stand-up "comic" protagonist here) are on the perpetual receiving end of a joke you're not even in on. Our "hero" is some sort of victim, yet we can't even feel for him--in fact, we kind of wish more of his unhappy patrons would throw things or beat him up.

It's hard to imagine who to recommend this movie to, but it's sort of like a Beckett play: Uniquely, repetitiously desolate, with occasional content that suggests humor, but which perversely and very deliberately refuses to prompt any actual laughter. It is an expression--or analysis, or both--of pure self-loathing and existential despair. If you are in the mood for something grotesque, minimalist and defiantly unpleasant, "Entertainment" will fill that need. If you need a punchline, you can always dwell on choice of title.

I'm not sure where this director can go from here--few movies have so vividly defined their own dead end in terms of artistic intent and "message." I'll almost be disappointed if he picks himself up off the floor and makes another movie. The next logical step would seem to be suicide. The bleakest statements by folks such as Lars von Trier or Gaspar Noe still have more filmic energy than this rather elegantly crafted movie that dares you not to kick it to see if it's still breathing. Yet I can't say it was boring--there's something compelling in its sheer masochism.

Reviewed by hellohaley 1 / 10

Utter disappointment

I have respect for the genre, and I'll concede there were some truly artful scenes, well composed shots, and initially interesting setting, but absolutely nothing was made of it's potential. It went no where, said nothing, and gave audiences no reason to slog through to the end. There is not a single likable character, and not an ounce of emotion was inspired in me... except for disgust towards the miserable main character, who remained depressed, pathetic, and detached in private, while presenting an increasingly repulsive, abrasive, and likely insane performer persona.

The movie did cause me to feel one thing very deeply: regret for wasting my time. It was a complete and utter disappointment...an hour and some change of my life I'll never get back.

Reviewed by Rob Angus 1 / 10


OK I get how this is supposed to be anti entertainment. I get how this is supposed to be an artsy thought provoking watch. I get that this is supposed to be a dark and uncomfortable portrayal of one mans slow descent into vague mental illness. I just don't get it. It simply doesn't work. The acting is good, the film contains believable seedy characters and the setting is appropriate. Just the whole thing is sooo slow and, frankly, boring. Endless montages of the anti hero sitting mute on a bed. Endless slow shots of characters looking at each other. Mute. As a viewer you are left to infer and fill in the blanks to ascertain what is going on. The trouble is you can't be bothered to. The film and the protagonist is so unlikeable and proceedings are so slow and boring you just have no interest. True, I watched till the end. But that says more about me as a viewer than it does the film. I just wanted some form of closure, or at least some sort of justification for actually watching. I was sadly disappointed. Just more of the same slow pointless tut till proceedings crawl to an end. Even worse than Terence Malik's awful Tree of Life film. And that really is saying something. I would avoid.

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